Dim Sum Lunch @ Celestial Court

Delightful morsels of dim sum isn't just for breakfast. They made lovely lunch ideas whether its a yumcha among friends and family or even over business lunch. Award winning Celestial Court now whips out dim sum daily for lunch. A recent visit with the hubster and Jason unveiled familiar Cantonese a la carte favourites and new delicious additions, represented with a modern twist. 

I personally find dim sum delightful because of its colours. Of course it does get a tad worrying when its artifical coours that are being used. Over at Celestial Court, rest assured that Dim Sum Chef Ken Liew uses only natural colours from food. 

Crystal Beet Roots Juice “Har Kao” Topped with Crispy Shredded Fried Scallop has a delightful purple skin. Looking like a pretty flower, this har kao is luxuriously sweet from its filling of prawn and scallops. 

Love xiao long baos and wish they had more soup? Chef Ken addresses our wishes with Juicy Shanghainese Dumpling with Egg Strips and Chinese Spinach Served in Chicken Broth. Larger than the usual xiao long bao, this is a beautiful parcel of packed with minced chicken and broth. Making it even more delightful is each dumpling is served on a bed of spinach and soup. This is certainly one of my fave items on the menu.
 Soup is rich and hearty.
Vinegar with scallion and ginger enhances the taste of the dumplings.

I totally adored the Squid Ink Scallop Dumpling Topped with Mini Abalone and Salmon Roe. While I would have loved to pop the whole dumpling into my mouth, it certainly wouldn't be a very lady like to  do so and it wouldn't even fit. But taking a lil nibble of each ingredient and then chewing them all was totally luxurious with a burst of flavours and textures.

The Cod Fish Dumpling with Prawn Served with Spring Onion and Coriander Puree topped with Shredded Crispy Ginger is an interesting take from the usual fish paste dumplings. Cod has a denser texture and a more intense flavour to it. Coupled with the creamy coriander puree and bits of caviar, one can easily forget that this is a Chinese dim sum. 

Unlike the usual "woo kok", Celestial Court presents us the Yam Puff with Minced Chicken, Shrimps and Mushroom in Miso Filling. Crispy skin filled enveloped this puff of creamy yam. Love the interesting mix of chicken with shrimp with mushroom that gave each bite a lovely assortment of sweet, savoury, creaminess and crunch.
Golden goodness.
Lovely play of textures and flavours. 

Seafood Ball with Century Egg Filling Coated with Almond Flake, Served with Thai Sauce certainly isn't your usual Cantonese dim sum. While century egg and seafood dumplings are nothing new, I loved the fusion touch from the almond flakes and thai sauce. Certainly a refreshing take at our usual Cantonese items.
A combination of Oriental, Thai and Western.

Glutinous Rice Dumpling “Ham Tsui Kok” with Tom Yam Seafood Filling. When this dish arrived at our table, the first thing that crossed my mind was how cute it was. It certainly will make a lovely canape for looks and taste. Again an interesting dim sum with Thai fused into dim sum.

Since Celestial Court is pork free, it is interesting to see that its dim sum also has items with lamb. The Imperial Style Lamb Pot-sticker with Bean Paste is a slightly spicy dumpling filled with tender and flavourful mince lamb. 

If you love bak kwa with your bread, then the Grilled Stuffed Honey Glaze Dried Chicken Meat Served with Steamed “Man Tou” is a must order. Chef Ken Liew created this item from his childhood memories of having this dish when he visited the market with his mother. 
A special sauce, grilled chicken, chicken floss and steamed mantou.
Thick slices of chicken sandwiched with sweet BBQ chicken meat similar to bak kwa.
Place all ingredients together and drizzle some of the sauce and you're ready for a hearty Chinese sandwich!

A sweet end to each meal is certainly a must. Crispy Kataifi with Scallop and Avocado Served with Fruit. is a delightful sweet and savoury end for me. While the mayonnaise made the dish pretty, it was a tad too much for me but its a small issue as I easily scraped it off.  Took a bite of this crunchy kataifi and was totally mesmerized with the combination of the scallop and creamy avocado. No wonder this is  one of the best sellers from the dim sum menu!

The dim sum lunch is available for lunch daily and are priced from RM13 onwards. Of course the regular ala carte menu is also available.

Celestial Court
Level 3
Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Sultan Ismail
T: +603 2717 9922

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