Dong Bei

Our weather may not be cold but a meal of North Eastern Chinese food is still a good idea especially when its a rainy evening. Nestled in Pudu is Restoran Dong Bei that has operated for quite a few years.   While waiting for the others to assemble, I realised that Dong Bei also sells frozen Chinese food. I reckon that the most popular one is 饺子 which I saw quite a few people coming in to buy in bags.

It is good to know that the dumplings are made by the folks of Dong Bei themselves. Thus a meal in Dobg Bei is not complete unless one eats the 饺子 Dumplings too. Choose either steamed or fried.
饺子 are made from scratch from the dumpling skin to the meat filling.
The fried ones are only steamed on one side while the other side remains soft. Rather similar to Japanese gyozas are made. RM10 for a plate of 10 pieces of dumplings.
My obvious preference would be the original boiled ones RM8 for 10 pieces. Its a good and satisfying meal even on its own with a generous filling of meat in every dumpling.While the skin may be a tad thick for some, I think its fine since the minced meat itself is very flavourful. These dumplings are good to be eaten on its own or to be dipped in a dish of julienned ginger and vinegar.

When I glanced the menu, there was a dish that said  'Sauerkraut'. I love Sauerkraut and am curious how does it appear in a Chinese dish. 酸菜粉 Sauerkraut Stir-fried with Glass Noodles RM18. Tangy and certainly interesting to have it stir fried with the noodles. If you love Sauerkraut, then this can easily be a meal of its own if there is a little more noodles in it. Otherwise, eaten with rice is just as favourable. 

东北大乱炖 Stewed Eggplant, Bean, Sweet Potato and Meat Dong Bei style RM25. A vibrant looking dish that I think taste better than it looks. Delightful sweet in a natural way courtesy of the corn and sweet potato. Nice savoury touch wit the pork ribs though I am thinking that it will be better with more meat:D

My favourite dish for the night! 酸菜鱼 Boiled Fish with Sour Cabbage and Spicy Soup RM32. A very appetising soup that is definitely far from fishy. Scrumptiously appetizing with the natural sweetness of fish enhanced with an interesting selection of pickled vegetables. Can be a tad spicy for the not so brave ones but its rather addictive and will have you wanting more with ever spoonful.
While the paprika may look potent, it is actually very deceiving...
The real big brother would be the peppercorn and chili seeds hiding at the base of the pot:D

Looks like a plate of noodles but it isn't noodles! 风味干豆腐丝 Beancurd Dong Bei Style RM18 is basically a native China Chinese dry beancurd that come in long strands. Certainly looks like noodles. While it is dry beancurd it actually does not taste like fuchuk and has a nice 'noodle' like texture to it with extra crunch from the slices of cucumber which also acts to take off the spiciness of the dish.

 麻婆豆腐 Mah Por Tofu RM12. Nothing new to Malaysians except this is the more potent version that numbs your tongue a little. May look oily but when you're in a cold zone, you actually savour the oil as well. Kinda difficult for me but the hubster recalled that during his drive from Malaysia to Inner Mongolia, he actually relished this dish when it was served.
A slippery dish with silky tofu and lots of chili oil. Delicious!

They called this 麻辣香锅 Hot & Spicy Seafood RM28. Fret not! It is just delicious prawns that is not spicy until you bite into the paprika or eat it with the gravy below the paprika, onions and ginger.

This is now a common dish in many Chinese restaurants. 田园小炒 'Gardens' Prawn, Lotus Root, Potato and Vegetables RM28. Definitely not spicy as the photo shows. A delectable and crunchy stir fry.

And if you're wondering what is 'garden' doing in the name? I actually have no idea but perhaps the owners meant to call this a garden of prawns, lotus root, potato and vegetables:P

香辣土豆片 Crisp Potato RM18. Thinly sliced potatoes fried till crunchy and then tossed with chili. For those who love Malay food, this is somewhat similar to what we find in Malay nasi campur places except that every piece of potato still has a nice crunchy feel to it. 

While I wished the overall meal was spicier, the hubster said that the food at Dong Bei is exactly the way he remembers his China stay. So if you want something authentically North Eastern of China, head into Dong Bei.

Restoran Dongbei
Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah
Off Jalan Pudu
Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2148 7694

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