Am back blogging after a few days getaway to catch up with some pals from the martial arts and car kakis in Singapore. No way will I abandon this blog...nor abandon my rights to vote. Returned to Kuala Lumpur last night and happily queued 90 minutes for to vote.

While it was nice and fast process of 10 minutes for the husbter in Seputeh, it took me 90 minutes and some drama in Cheras. Spent 1 hour plus standing under the hot sun and moved only 2 steps. And this happened merely because SPR insisted that voters who had their physical printouts and digital copies from SPR's website would have to queue up to verify their status.

Didn't make sense when the site had the option for us to print "CETAK" our search. They relented and allowed voters with physical printouts to proceed to their polling rooms but that still left many folks like me who opted to print digitally standing out there. Walked up to 2 SPR officers and I was told I had to queue up to verify. 
Spoke to the third SPR officer and the kind lady referred me to her lady boss...who I will have to say wasn't the most polite and chose to raise her voice at me. Wrong move Lady! For raising her voice, I had to raise mine too (and with the support of other equally irked voters, she finally relented and made a call to her "boss" and those of us with digital copies were allowed to proceed to our respective polling rooms).

When I reached my polling room, the queue and casting my vote merely took 10 minutes. Certainly a brief one and a far cry from my earlier crazy wait! 
Hot Sunday morning but its still all worth it:D

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