Hey Porsche

Hey Porsche! And that first picture is Porsche's first roll out. The Porsche 356 is a sleek, lightweight and nimble-handling rear-engine and rear-wheel-drive. Sexy!

Not quite a car post per se but I can't help but share one of my latest running list songs by Nelly 'Hey Porsche' which coincidentally features the above vintage Porsche 356. To be fair when I first heard the song I wasn't too sure whether it was about a car or a girl though chances are it should be a girl.

Curiosity led me to check out the MTV and oh yeah yeah...its about babes - the babe in the form of a Porsche 356 and a gorgeous lady named Porsche.
Can't help but admire the heels that Porsche is wearing!
Hey Porsche is the lead single for Nelly's new album

Nelly's 'Hey Porsche' is fast rising on many charts and should be quite soon before this catchy hip hop, R&B and dance number  fills our airwaves. And if you love this song, then keep an eye for Nelly's seventh album M.O. (2013)! Enjoy the song and the MTV:D

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