Miss Klutz's Mary Kay Makeover

Some months back I wrote about Mary Kay's makeover One Woman Can™ Beauty Contest (click to read post). Well, I had my share of the makeover yesterday and the picture is somewhere in this this post:P
Made a date with one of the Independent Beauty Consultants and certainly had fabulous fun dabbling with Mary Kay's skincare and makeup range. Of course it was all extra fun because both Nurul and Sheila were such bubbly and fun girls to be with. I started off by warning them of me being a total klutz as far as makeup is concerned (I've picked up quite a bit of skincare tips in the last one year). Still I had lots of questions to ask and amazingly they were both patient and kindly answered all my queries. Conclusion...I would highly recommend you to buzz them for your appointment!
You can of course contact Nurul for your makeover. Write to her 

Started off by removing whatever grime off my face. It was a lovely hands on experience as I was allowed to try on the products on my own. Nurul guided me on the correct way of using only my third and ring finger when cleaning my face as the pressure from these fingers are gentler. Was using Mary Kay's Botanical Effects range and I must say I particularly liked the Cleanser (RM108) with tiny Vitamin beads in them that works as a gentle daily exfoliator that burst when its in contact with the skin. The Mask at RM80 was also a lovely product that I will be purchasing soon. Applied it on my skin and allowed it to dry a little before I used my slightly wet fingers to "rub" in circular motions. After removing the mask, the skin looked clearer and open pores were less visible. What's interesting with the mask is that it quite effectively removed blackheads from my nose. 

Nurul and Sheila reiterated the importance to tone and moisturize. This came along as I confessed that I sometimes skip my toning step:P though the only thing I diligently do is to double cleanse and moisturize daily while a scrub is a definite thing on Wednesday and Saturdays (I am a ritualistic creature:P). 

Then came the makeup art. I confess that being a klutz, I was actually very nervous about having to apply my own makeup. Luckily they were there to guide every lil step that was necessary for an oriental look. The initial idea was to opt for a natural look but then that would not really be visible for makeover shoot. So yes we went extra with cats eyes and all to make me look even more Oriental. No is fun though its probably not a look I will carry daily:P
Me makeup free except for some BB cream and loose powder.
Post makeover. Eyes are still beady but its more visible. Must be the correct application of eye shadow, eye liner and mascara. Definitely something that I need to practice more as far as eye shadows are concerned. Not the easiest to blend them but its fun:D 
Some of the items that I played with. Learnt that application of blusher should be in a C to make it look like a natural blush...and if you know about it...then it only goes to prove my utter hopelessness in makeup:D
The Mary Kay Makeup Finishing Spray certainly helped to make my makeup stay for the night. It claims to help makeup stay up to 16 hours and nourishes the skin at the same time with a refreshing spritz enriched with vitamins.

And that is the very makeover that I had and have submitted for the One Woman Can™ Beauty Contest. If you want to have some fun of your own and also participate in the Contest, then details are as follows:
1. Get a beauty self-makeover through an Independent Beauty Consultant (purchase required for participation)
2. Upload ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures on
3. Customers can share their entries online to get votes to stand a chance to win fabulous prizes!
Hurry because contest closes 10th May 2013!

There will be 5 x Grand Prizes consisting of:

And if you're wondering whether I have submitted my entry? Hahaha yes I did...its just for the fun of it:D After all this is one interesting beauty contest that I don't have to be model-like, tall and slim for this contest. All I need to do is to submit a beauty makeover as above.

For more information hop over to 

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