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Truth to be told, I actually love desserts even though I am not into sweet stuff. I was really glad when Ann understood where I came from when I said I like desserts yet I don't like desserts because its generally so sweet that I get cold shivers from just a small bite. She assures me that at NOSH, desserts are not the sickeningly sweet that we often come across. Sounds good to me. And I was ready to dig straight into my desserts.

Still I have to hold my horses as we went through the tasting portions of their May specials that may actually be making their way to the main menu if the customers love it enough. What is there not to love? The savouries were awesome in my books. And on the 'tasting portions', the hubster gasps when he saw the portions being served to us because it was actually a serving portion in some eateries that we know of. LOL...Ann you certainly fed us well...too well! 
 Smoked Salmon Salad RM29 with crisp fresh greens and lovely bites from the carrots and french beans too with a lovely tangy citrus vinaigrette. Lovely pieces of house smoked salmon and potato with skin makes this a complete meal if one is on a diet. Its such a hearty meal and I know I will be back for it when the hubster has to start on his weeklong detox:D
I love risottos! And this Pumpkin Risotto and Smoked Chicken RM38 was absolutely comforting and hits the right notes for me. House smoked chicken with with al dente rice that was beautifully flavoured with pumpkin. Even the hubster who is not too fond of pumpkin happily ate it up!
Lamb Gnocchi RM38 is not you usual dish to even start things off. Say hello to sweet potato gnocchi in a lamb ragout cooked with red wine. Unlike most ragout that are in small bites, this has a lovely chunky bite size tender lamb. Gnocchi was definitely memorable with the natural sweetness of sweet potatoes to it and was light and bouncy. My comfort dish!

Certainly large tasting portions but nothing was wasted on my plate. I ate them all up because it was too good to be left behind! 

Desserts are always nice with a hot drink. Opt for tea or perhaps even coffee. And if you're into chocolates, then Chocolate Trinity RM 14 a decadent concoction of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, malt chocolate, maple syrup and frothed milk.
Chocolate Trinity
Coffee to go with cakes sounds good...

Happening all through the months of May and June, NOSH is running a dessert promotion that I vote to be the best in town. Best in terms of value and taste! Choose from a platter and make your choice!
• Choice of any of the two desserts RM19
• Choice of any of the three desserts RM29
• Choice of any of the  four desserts RM39
• Choice of any of the five desserts RM43

And your delicious platter consist of:
Crème Au Chocolat is a decadent baked chocolate cream topped with a tangy fruity mousse. Served with a delicate nutty tuile that I would certainly love to have more. I thought that the lil bits of pomegranate was a lovely touch to the whole dessert! 
If you love chocolate with a touch of liquor and then this Chocolat Orange is highly recommended. Rich chocolate cake filled with Grand Marnier flavoured chocolate mousse, and glazed with dark chocolate is utterly decadent. Paired with a citrusy orange reduction for a refreshing zing.
I am generally not too fond of coconut but this Coconut Panna Cotta was surprisingly interesting enough to warrant me to want to take a second and third bite. A delightful fusion of of creamy coconut cream served with pandan infused palm sugar. Topped with a crunchy tuile for a nice play of texture! Brilliant!
An delicious twist to the usual creme brulee is the Earl Grey Crème Brulee. Savour the taste and scent of aromatic bergamot orange of Earl Grey tea. I do in particular enjoyed this dessert quite a bit because of the lovely signature caramelised sugar crust, topped with a cornel of whipped crème chantilly and the dark chocolate cigar.
I am generally not fond of pavlova because they are often overly toothache sweet! This very pretty Black Forest Pavlova however is an exception in my books. A crisp chocolate meringue that melts in your mouth is  lusciously topped with a rich indulgent chocolate mousse. Adding a touch of lux to this dessert would be the dark cherries soaked in kirsch and fresh strawberries, with drops of zingy raspberry coulis.
Sweet potato makes ts appearance in dessert too with this Japanese inspired Sweet Potato Azuki Gateaux. I must say that this is definitely my favourite from the platter with an airy and delicate green tea flavoured chiffon sponge cake generously filled and topped with sweet potato mousse and rich azuki red beans. 
The Strawberry Cheesecake is one of the most luscious ones I have tasted. Featuring NOSH's signature creamy decadent cheesecake made with French cream cheese and topped with fresh strawberries, pistachio nuts, placed on raspberry coulis swirl.
The Walnut Tiramisu is NOSH's deconstructed take on tiramisu. The rich chocolate sponge cake is soaked in espresso and fine port wine. Complimented with a luscious creamy mascarpone, caramelized walnuts and a generous dusting of dark cocoa powder. I am thinking aloud that perhaps macadamia will also make a good variant to this tiramisu.
Lemon Peach Tart is a deconstructed take on the usual tart. The rich and buttery crumble with succulent cubes of peaches, zingy lemon curd topped with crunchy ginger filo pastry with a light dusting of ground cinnamon has a happy festive touch to it and the hubster remarked that he certainly wouldn't mind seeing this on our festive dessert list.
I have always loved cinnamon and needless to say, this Apple Cinnamon Cake is another favourite of mine. The delicately cinnamon flavoured apple butter cake is rich and good to eat on its own. However when served warm with NOSH's house made gourmet vanilla bean ice-cream topped  with almonds on a bed of warm crème anglaise and a drizzle of butterscotch sauce, this dessert is a hearty treat of its own.

And if you fancy something from the ala carte menu then the Valrhona Heaven which is a chocolate lover's dream come true is highly recommended. A pretty platter of molten chocolate cake, tart au chocolat and divine chocolate ice cream with chocolate crumble. The ice cream is made in house and is lovely and creamy without being sickeningly sweet. The joy of a good molten chocolate cake is when the cake is filled sufficiently with chocolate molten so a cross section cut will reveal a lovely chocolate lava flowing out.

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