T.G.I. Friday's Stack House Burgers

TGIF! And its not just on a Friday that one can have a satisfying burger. Hello T.G.I. Friday's Stack House Burgers each stacked high with choice toppings and toasted bun for a scrumptious and delightful meal.

Choose from 4 choice burgers of chicken, beef or seafood.

While waiting for your order or for your dining company to arrive, check out the Stack House Chili Cheese Fries. A serving of fries, crispy on the outside and creamy soft inside topped with a generous topping of spicy chili, warm queso cheese sauce, fresh pico de gallo and pickled jalapenos. Lip smacking good!
Perfect finger food for happy hours too!

On a note of happy hours...check out the mojitos that Friday's has on its menu. Expect some potent concoctions. Tasted the Top Shelf Mojito RM26.90++, Strawberry Mojito RM19.90++, Mango Caramel Mojito RM20.90++ and Signature Mojito RM19.90++. My clear favourite is the good old fashion classic Signature Mojito.

Each Stack House burger is served with T.G.I. Friday's signature seasoned crispy fries served with their signature ketchup too. Personally, the fries were good to be eaten on its own or even with some mustard. I must say that the serving size of the fries is a lovely size and is certainly good enough for sharing!

I will confess that I actually wasn't too keen with the idea of breaded chicken for a burger. Thankfully, the Mushroom Chicken Mushroom Burger wasn't my nightmare come true. This is a gorgeous crispy just nicely breaded chicken breast topped with melted Provolone cheese, horseradish sauce, sautéed mushrooms and balsamic onions. I was smitten with the battered Portobello mushroom fries that crowned the burger. A lovely earthy touch! Each Stack House Burger is served with crisp lettuce and freshly sliced tomatoes for a wholesome and healthy touch.

The New York Deli Stack House burger is a gratifying burger with spiced beef pastrami, tart sauerkraut mixed with Dijon mustard, melted Swiss cheese and thousand island dressing topped with an oversized dill pickle. Definitely tasty and full flavoured but I felt that kitchen was a tad too generous with the thousand island sauce resulting in the burger being a little too wet for my liking. No complaints whatsoever from the other I reckon its just a matter of preference.

Meat lovers! You must try the Stackhouse Cowboy Triple Meat Burger. This is my fave from the 4 burgers that we had tasted. Not easy to take a bite of the toppings and buns in one go but a little compression will help to 'flatten' the burger a little. Done with compressing my burger, I savour an orgasmic burger of tender slow-cooked BBQ beef, melted Colby cheese, and roasted beef bacon piled high with horseradish sauce and crispy frizzled onions. While the burger patty may yet to be the juiciest that I have had, the other ingredients cleverly adds a whole dimension to this burger for a whopping good meal.

Want a fish burger? Then the Surf and Turf Stack House Burger is for you. Its not a boring fillet of fish burger as you would typically expect but is two deep fried crab cakes and a beef patty topped with a Lemon Caper Aioli, chopped parsley and melted Monterey Jack cheese. Mind you, this is not your commercial flour like crab cake or crab sticks. Instead, its a delightful crab cake with real crab meat inside with a light touch of spice to remove any possibility of fishiness.
BTW, do you see a face on the Surf and Turf Burger?
Note the very real crab cake!

Head on to T.G.I. Friday's for these gratifying Stack House burgers! Can't decide what you want? Then order them all and have them cut up to share! Sharing is caring and what better way to have a shared meal with your pals and loved ones while you enjoying the lovely drinks from the Bar?

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