This and That: 15 May 2013

Time passes too quickly and in between the blog posts since the last 2 This and That, I have actually quite a bit that I like to share too:D

As usual its a rojak of bear with me. Laugh if you need to. Cry with me if you need too. By all means ignore me if you think I am insane:D

I have officially hit the big 40! Yes FORTY!
Turned 40. Singer, chef, song writer, doctor and friend Kelly Siew whipped up a lovely meal which included this mushroom and egg tart! Super yummy and certainly paired well with the white wine that Mei and Josen brought along for dinner. Do show some love for my 3 pals OK? BTW, you can check out Kelly's blog for this very easy and yummy tart  and Mei and Josen's food and travel tales!
And if I will turn all serious since I am 40? Nope! Life begins at 40. So expect goofy moments from me with food...
Or randomly with the hubster or even my pals.

In between turning 40, there had been quite some head scratching moments...
What do you think is wrong with this lift? Which button do I press to close or open? 
Or when my furkid Shalom turns into this messy mop within minutes of a grooming session! Much as I like to strangle her for making me have to groom her again, that cute face is just too cute to be scolded or ignored. Agreed?
Shalom's capable of not looking like a messy mop if she decides not to be a mop e.g. this picture of us together at the beach recently.
And equally cheeky and fond of misbehaving if my reptile kiddo Hans who has recently turned 13 years old. Kiddo has a knack of escaping from his home and hiding all over the house.

On the note of kiddos, say hello to my godfurkids in Singapore whom I visited recently.
Momo is not too pleased that I woke her up by snapping her picture. Excuse me Momo but who naps at 7pm?
Ever smiley and tamchiaks Mika and Yurui sitting beside the dining table waiting for their noms to be served.
Its quite difficult to snap the oldest of the bunch River's picture. So this is a recycled pic taken in December.

Singapore...yes the recent official visit to Singapore has been a fabulous one. Was done for the One Asia MMA Summit. 
That's me and the legendary Bruce Lee's brother Robert. Sister Phoebe is walking down on the right side of the photo.
Hello Singapore! Photo taken with my humble HTC One X from Ku De Ta Lounge in Marina Bay Sands. 
Coincidentally the new HTC One is released boasting of better features than my current One X. Am so tempted to own it. I wonder if Santa will grant me an early Christmas gift?
A night out at scenic Ku De Ta will be lotsa obvious choices would be Gin & Tonic and whisky while we partied.

And on the note of partying, quite a few songs have been replaying in my mind again and again. Some certainly make lovely music to run to as well! One of my fave that has made it to my run list and ringtone is Bingo Players' Rattle.

Still on music! Was in Miri the previous weekend for the Borneo Jazz Festival. An awesome weekend of music and one of the bands that I felt compelled to record was The Nylons which was set up some 30 years ago. My recording quality isn't the best but I am sure you can enjoy the charms and energy of this band.

While in Miri too, I experienced my very first pairing with cider. I will be writing on this pairing a lil later but for now, go grab your bottle of Strongbow Cider. Having it nice and chilled is also a good idea in view of the current maddening hot spell.
Not white wine! This is cider! Strongbow Cider!
And this is a very lovely gift hamper that was waiting in our rooms when we checked into Miri Marriot Resort & Spa. THANX #StrongbowMY for this sweet gesture!

So where's the food? After all, I often blog about food.
Been running quite a bit and somehow I have learnt the joy of eating rice (not much of a rice eater previously). This is my RM10.50 lunch at my fave Indian stall SS Spicy (click to read my post from 2012)
No name for this dish but I won 2nd price for this last minute dish during a media cookout session at PJ Hilton recently. I had completed my 2 dishes within the stipulated time. While waiting for others to finish cooking, I realised there was a piece of nice meat sitting at my buddy Azli's station. I requested from the judges that I be allowed to cook the meat because I hate the idea of wastage especially when its a good piece of meat. Sprinkle some salt and pepper and it went into the hot pan like how Chef Adrian Richardson taught. Flipping every 15 seconds, I arrived at this piece of simple pink steak which I sliced for all to share, The judges themselves however thought that I might as well summit my impromptu dish in...and hehehe...this came out 2nd among the 9 dishes:D 
Had some awesome melt in your mouth and satisfies your soul Steamed Custard Bun in Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine @ Marina Bay Sands. Review in June:D
On a note of food, I absolutely loved this black pepper crab preparation at House of Seafood @ 36 in Singapore. Thick black pepper sauce coats the crabs. Any idea whether anyone in KL serves this?
And more food! The folks at Nando's sent this bottle of money can't buy popcorn for my momma dearest this Mother's Day. THANX Nando's!!!

So with all the food that I put in, where does it all go to? I run! I drop some punches here and there. I jump around. I take pictures of things and people!
I normally run with my TPRC buddies when I am in town.
And if I am away then I still run wherever I am. This was taken from my Sunny Saturday morning run @ Miri Marriot Resort & Spa where one loop around the compound is a scenic 1.1km.
BTW, runner's take note! If you have registered for the coming Standard Chartered KL Marathon in June, then head on to New Balance to enjoy 30% + 5% off all New Balance shoes. Do check out SCKLM's facebook page for more details.
Its hard work to snap Andre Seidel's photo during the Borneo Jazz Festival. Andre is from the funk, fusion and jazz band Mo' Blow. He's a cutie right?
Yes now everyone can fight...and so can I. I am back doing my kickboxing! Hmmm CEO of Tune Talk Jason Lo has an awesome body eh?
Nope I don't fight like these fighters...well maybe not yet. But if you want some live, adrenaline rush fights (legal fights!) then head down to Paradigm Mall (above Starbucks) this Saturday 18th May between 2pm to 8pm for Tune Talk’s Malaysian Invasion Mixed Martial Arts (MIMMA)!

This Saturday is also TVXQ's concert in Malaysia! CYA there if you have bought your tickets.  Otherwise head over to Ticket Charge to grab yours NOW.
TVXQ this Saturday! Yippee!!!
And here's a video that the music promoters JPM Music have for all 

And this TVXQ 동방신기 Catch Me Music Video is for you folks who have no idea who TVXQ is.

While Porsche Malaysia unveiled their new models yesterday in Zebra Square, I was busy checking out this new Porsche 918 Spyder. This is a mid-engined sports plug-in hybrid model production starting  on September 18, 2013 and deliveries are scheduled to begin in December 2013. Certainly can't wait to see it when it reaches our shores! I have a video below of the Porsche 918 Spyder in action. The fun part starts at 6:14 for you impatient folks:P
0-62mph or 0-100kmh in 2.8 seconds!
Enjoy the sight and sound!

Muaks! Its the end of this rather long post and I like to end it with a kiss!

On a more serious note, as part of AVON’s Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer survivorship programme, AVON is launching its latest Totally Kissable Lipsticks. With every purchase of the lipstick, RM1.00 will be donated to Avon’s Kiss Goodbye To Breast Cancer Fund. Choose from 10 attractive shades and these Totally Kissable Lipstick claim to instantly boosts lips’ moisture levels by more than 100%, conditioning and smoothing your lips for a perfectly flirty look. Sounds good!

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