Vanity Trove May 2013

The latest beauty subscription that came into my doorstep is Vanity Trove. The fun thing about beauty subscriptions is its like opening a Christmas pressie. We never know what is going to be inside. 

However, that is also the scary part that we may be unboxing something that we don't quite like. In a good way, I noted that vanity Trove actually has a set of question air for us to run through so that we will not be getting unsuitable products. And having done that questionaire in April, my Vanity Box arrived.
Unboxed it…and I will say that I pretty much liked everything that I had a look in a glance. Packed rather prettily too and with a theme of 'Awesome Wholesome'. Although I noted that other fellow bloggers also received the same items, it could be a coincidence that we all have the same beauty concerns or its a monthly theme. either way I have no complains…and let's run though the items!
Wrapped prettily and in a glance I know I actually will use them for my vanity concerns.
Vouchers! RM25 from HiShop for online shopaholics. I am not using mine so if you want it, do let me know.  The RM20 voucher from Skinlabs will certainly come in handy for my next purchase of organic essential oils:D My fave of the vouchers will have to be Mary Chia's 4-in-1 Body Detoxification Therapy for 60 minutes treatment worth RM 400. which comes in handy as I am a little plaqued by water retention recently. This intensive Detox inch-loss program combines thermal vibrations and air pressure application followed by a body wrap and sauna to aid our body to metabolise excess body fat and reduce water retention. 
Schwarzkopf Essensity Natural Shine Serum. This is a full sized product. Awesome as I have been using Schwarzkopf as part of my hair care for quite a few years. Used this serum on my damp hair to tame my ends and also to give the hair an overall healthy shine. Loved it as it does not leave a greasy after feel on my hair nor does it stair my pillow case. Most importantly, it smells great with hints of citrus rather than some foul chemical smelling ones that I had come across before.
Am totally smitten with this light weight and non greasy Pure South Goat's Milk Lotion. While some goat's milk product are a tad oily this one is instantly absorbed into my skin and comes with a lovely rose blossom scent. Totally relaxing and perfect to calm me down before I sleep each night. 
I have been using Avene Thermal Spring Water for quite a few years. A lovely product that I discovered in 2007 when I had a terrible bout of eczema. A spritz of Avene's Thermal Spring Water would soothe the skin. These days, I use it to freshen up when I am sleepy while at work. At home, I now use it before applying my moisturizer.
And if you're wondering what are the benefits? The Avene's Thermal Spring Water is
• Bacteriologically pure, providing the feeling of suppleness for greater skin comfort.
• Reduces the sensitivity of the cells involved in skin response mechanisms hence the skin becomes less sensitive.
• Essential in combating irritations for rashes, sunburns, eczema, itching, post-surgery and the setting of makeup.
• Low salt mineral content that does not dry out the skin. 
• Preservative-free.
• Hypoallergenic and non comedogenic.
I love essential oils and actually have a drawer full of them which I use rather often. Either I use them neat which is possible with oils like lavender or I would make a blend of a few essential oils for my soak in the bath tub. Essential oils are also lovely when mixed with base oils for which you use it for a body or even a face massage. 
In the May edition of Vanity Trove, the bottle of 5ml Heaven on Earth Lavender Oil came in handy as I easily packed it with me on my recent trip to Miri for the Borneo Jazz Festival. Brought it along as I enjoy my weekend soaks in the bathtub:D
Not sure about you, but I am one of them who loves using a bar of soap. While shower foams or shower milk are known to be less dry, the fun of lathering up a soap bar is a happy childhood memory for me. So no doubt that the Tilley Goat Milk Soap is another joy for me. 
Despite being a soap, Tilley Goat Milk Soap is not as drying as one thinks would be. This has a creamy lather and leaves the skin comfortable as its made with goats milk and further enriched with moisturising ingredients such as Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Organic Cocoa Butter. 

To order your share of monthly surprises from Vanity Trove, do sign up and subscribe at for a monthly subscription fee of RM50 or choose the 3, 6, 12 months subscription options.

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