Borneo Jazz Festival 2013

Attended my very first Borneo Jazz Festival last month in Miri. Coincidentally its also my very first visit to Miri and its all possible thanx to the Strongbow folks.

This year is the 8th year for the Borneo Jazz and was an energetic 2 nights of performance by with 8 international bands including West Jazz Band from Malaysia. No one performance is the same and we were certainly kept entertained by their lively performance. Acoustics I must say was lovely for an open spaced area! Managed to snap some pics and record one performance by The Nylons. Sorry folks but I was too busy chilling to the 2 nights of amazing perfomance.
Canadian band The Nylons @ Borneo Jazz 2013
A shot of Canadian acapella quartet The Nylons:D
American band Hazmat Modine 
Not the best pic but here's one hottie André Seidel from soul funk jazz Mo' Blow
For more official pics, hop over to Borneo Jazz website!

Flew in to Miri with a bunch of amazing folks some of whom I met for the very first time. But the world is certainly a small one and it turns out that we all have more than one friend in common. Six degree of separation?

In short, it was a weekend of fun and laughter...not forgetting lots of Strongbow for some very memorable Strongbow moments and experience. A sneak peek of our Strongbow moments (with the the first of 4 posts beginning tomorrow:D)
Our welcome drink at Miri Marriott Resort & Spa is aptly a bottle of cold Strongbow each:D
My room @ Miri Marriott Resort & Spa.
Surprise surprise! A gorgeous basket of Strongbow goodies, apples, gold notebook and Sephora body care. THANX Strongbow Malaysia for the awesome gesture!
Truly an eye opener! I was treated to a cider food appreciation experience at one of Miri's most happening restaurant and pub Ming Cafe
Strongbow Mojito! 
Lots of Strongbow during the Borneo Jazz Festival @ RM13 each.
Let loose and enjoy! We had our own mats and lying down while chilling to jazz is certainly a good idea!
And more Strongbow in our ice box. Amazing!
It rained on the second night but our spirits are not dampened! Raincoats, jazz and Strongbow! No reason for Evangeline and I not to smile:D
Sightseeing around Miri. Miss that sunny blue sky. Weather is hot and it calls for more nice and chilled Strongbow!
Strongbow moments by the beach!
Strongbow moments on a hill!
BTW, this is also Yochana's very first trip to East Malaysia! She is a happy dragon and I believe the very first dragon who has the Borneo Jazz Festival and had her share of Strongbow!

DO stalk this blog for the continuing 3 posts on my Strongbow Moments and remember to check out Strongbow Malaysia for your share of Strongbow Moments!

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