Chicago Rib House

We're not exactly lacking in pork goodness in KL these days and Chicago Rib House joins the ranks of porkilicious goodness in Kuala Lumpur with 2 outlets - One Utama and Cheras Leisure Mall while Penang folks have theirs in Gurney Plaza. Girly dinner with Michelle and Kelly some weeks back took place at Chicago Rib House. 

The drinks menu at Chicago Rib House is quite extensive. Take your pick from mojitos, martinis, wines, beers and the regular suspects for cocktails. I am a fussy cocktail person so I was certainly thrilled that the mojitos here did not disappoint. Refreshing and most importantly the mojitos were flavourful and not diluted tasting of syrup and mint like some places.
 Kiwi Mojito RM25.90 packs a lovely punch from the rum, kiwi, lime and mint.
Classic Mojito RM19.90 is a simple and refreshing mix of rum, lime and mint. 

While the name suggest ribs. I learnt that Chicago Rib House isn't just all about ribs. The menu is extensive enough to include poultry, pizza, meat, salads, pastas and desserts.

Girls being girls, we like to share. And it was a good idea to opt to share because the serving portions here are quite hearty.
Sharing is caring so we order a few appetizers and starters to share.

Oriental Salad RM14.90 is a lovely salad of lettuce, tomatoes, almond slivers  tossed in a peanut sesame that is given an extra sizzle with lime. Refreshing and healthy!

The Beer Battered Fried Mushrooms RM19.90 and Pigs in Blankets RM18.90 are highly recommended as nibbles with the drinks!
The Pigs in a Blanket comes coated with their Signature Bourbon Sauce. Delicious but I did find the sauce coating to be a little too thick for my personal preference.
Everyone serves fried mushrooms but Chicago Rib House serves these deep fried beer battered mushrooms well. Its tasty, not overly oily. Served with a side of ranch dressing, it tasted nice and earthy  with or without the sauce.

Carb lovers can choose from pizza, pastas, burgers and sandwiches. We opted for pizza and we have no regrets. The Chicago's Famous Pork Pizza RM25.90 is a simple pizza of marinated pork and Italian cheese on a thin crust pizza and tomato base. Delightful for nibbles in between conversations and gossips!

Chicago’s Portillo Dog RM15.90 is one of the heartiest hotdogs I have had. A childhood comfort dish of sausage sandwiched with a mean mince and mustard. The beer battered fries is totally irresistible even to those who swear they are on a diet or are nursing a horrible sore throat. They are just too good. Crispy on the outside but all fluffy inside! Yummeh!

Moving on to the meats! I chose the New York Strip RM51.90 that comes with 2 sidelines. This hearty 10 oz steak is tender and juicy even though it arrived medium. In my "hangry" state (hungry and bordering on turning angry from hunger), I totally forgot to state my preference but everything turned out well even at medium. Would certainly be better if its done medium rare!
The mash potato at Chicago Rib House is one hearty mash which includes potato skin like the way I do it at home. Healthier and has an extra earthiness to it!

It won't make sense to eat at Chicago Rib House and not try their famous ribs. We opt for their World Famous Pork Ribs (Whole Rack) with Caramelized Plum Sauce RM49.90. Sounds and looks like a large portion but this was wiped out by us 3 girls quite quickly. The slightly tangy plum sauce ribs is juicy, tender and has a very addictive smoky taste to it that will have you yearning for more. 
Served with a coleslaw for a healthy touch to this meal and again the yummy beer battered fries.

Girls never say no to desserts. There is always a special room in the stomach for desserts! 
Chicago Rib House's signature dessert Bread Pudding RM9.90. A satisfying bread pudding with a lovely creamy custard. 
A petite banana split RM14.90. Lovely ripe bananas to go with ice cream and chocolate fudge topped with some almonds. Happy ending!

Porkiliciously good Chicago Rib House is definitely a return spot for me in the near future. And if you visit anytime now till 31st October 2013, then check out their pork rib giveaway! Yeah! Pork ribs for free!
Visit their facebook page to find out how you can get 

Chicago Rib House

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