Father's Day @ Zuan Yuan

Time certainly flies pass quite fast and its Father's Day soon. And its time to honour and remember the Daddy or Daddies in our lives. Somehow I note that all my Daddies - father in law, Daddy and the hubster seem to have aged quite a bit over the last year. Hopefully I am not the cause of their aging though I suspect its just them working too hard. Yes even retirees work hard in their own way to be awesome daddies to their forever little girls.

Zuan Yuan in One World Hotel honours all these daddies with a specially created menu from 8th to 16th June 2013. Choose from 3 menus priced at RM468++ (for 4 person), RM668++ (for 6 person) and RM1188++ (for 10 person). 

My fave dish is of course the 凉拌虫草花配烟鸭Tossed Cordyceps Flower with Smoked Duck. It does look like a plate of noodles. What it really is slightly crunchy cordyceps tossed with sesame oil, soy sauce and pepper. Paired none other than with Zuan Yuan's very delicious smoked duck (I can't help but say for Zuan Yuan ranks high in my book of pork free restaurants for its very lovely smoked duck).
Cordyceps is famed for its mild detoxifying strength.

The 野菌蟹肉烩 Wild Mushroom and Crab Meat Soup is a good soupy dish that many will live and appreciate especially if you are a Cantonese. Each mouthful (I would have loved to slurp the soup nice and loud if table manners was not a factor) is of crab and scallop. Love the added sweetness from the morel mushrooms that has been added to colour the soup. There is also a touch of truffle oil for truffle lovers like me:D

I honestly wasn't too sure how come there would be a dish of bittergourd on a father's day menu. But 苦尽甘來 Stir Fried Bitter Gourd and Pumpkin with Dried Shrimps sure tasted good. Chef Michael Chew also mentioned that the dish was to honour a father's sweat and tears in working for the family. I love bittergourd and would certainly not consider this a bitter dish The punpkin and dried shrimps did well to add sweetness to this dish making it palatable even for the hubster who isn't a bittergourd unless its in juice form masked with other fruits.

武汉蒸斗底昌 Steamed Pomfret "Wu Han" Style is totally appetizing with its tad spicy sauce. This is a dish that Chef Michael picked up when he did a gastronomy tour of China. Fish is definitely fresh and I know it because I ate the eye! Serve dad an extra bowl of rice to go with this dish because the "malat" spiciness is just too irresistible.

The 香辣酱爆草虾 Wok Fried Tiger Prawn with Spicy Sauce and Milk is another spicy and appetizing dish with a lovely scent of curry powder and belacan. No doubt on the freshness of the prawns. Love the creamy texture that goes well with the sweet and spiciness of the prawns.

Finger licking good prawns!

I think Zuan Yuan whips out good smoked dishes. This 茶香烟玉兰鸡 Smoked "Village" Chicken with Flavoured Chinese Tea is another perfectly executed smoked dish. Smoking is done in house with Ti Kwan Yin tea leaves.  Such a lovely golden brown dish with tender flesh:D

Ending a meal on a sweet note is always a must. Zuan Yuan's famed egg tarts are certainly a welcome:D Flaky pastry filled with a just right sweet soft creamy egg custard. Note that this is from the ala carte menu and I am glad that we were served this as well.

雪蓮豆漿燉雪耳 Double Boiled Sweetened Soya Bean Milk with Snow Lotus Seeds and Snow Fungus served chilled is a refreshing end to the meal. Love the creamy soya bean milk that compliments the crunchy now fungus well. 

All dads will receive a Coffee Mocha Walnut giveaway cake, so make an early reservation at Zuan Yuan today.
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