Halal Dumplings @ Zuan Yuan!

I missed the dumplings 粽子 festival which fell on Wednesday 12th June 2012 because I was still cruising somewhere in some choppy blue sea. Obviously it meant that I missed my feast of those delicious dumplings. And if you too missed the celebrations like me or are still craving the dumplings, then head on to Zuan Yuan because they are celebrating the 粽子 festival until 30th June 2013! 

In celebration of Duan Wu Jie, Rice Dumpling Festival or more popularly known as Dragon Boat Festival which falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, Zuan Yuan offers traditional and contemporary flavours in three tasty bundles of delights. For those who love the Hong Kong style dumpling, do try the Abalone Rice Dumpling with Cordycep Flower and Dried Scallop or the Rice Dumpling with Roasted Duck and Five Beans filling. The sweet Steamed Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Red Bean Paste and Lotus Seed is equally irresistible.
Chef Jordan Chin and his yummy pork free creations.

I have recently developed a preference for alkaline dumplings with sweet fillings. The sweet Steamed Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Red Bean Paste and Lotus Seed 莲子红豆沙碱水粽 RM9 at Zuan Yuan. This is a totally meatless i.e. vegetarian dumpling filled with a delightful mix of red beans and lotus seed. Its also not overly sweet like many other places, making its quite possible for me to eat almost 2 dumplings on my own.
A lovely balance of glutinous rice and red bean lotus seed filling.
A lovely blend of lotus seed and red bean

For those who love savoury ones, you have 2 to choose from. Each dumpling weighs about 600g and are filled with a selection of fine ingredients before they are wrapped and then boiled.

The Abalone Rice Dumpling with Cordycep Flower and Dried Scallop 虫草花干贝鲍鱼粽 RM68 looks like a luxurious golden pillow. Fear not as the golden colour is derived naturally when the glutinous rice were soaked in a broth made from cordyceps. 
Luxurious golden pillow that will certainly thrill the older generation.
Dried scallops, cordycep flowers, chicken, mung beans, salted egg yolk, chestnut, lotus seed etc are nestled inside every golden pillow.

Those who love beans must check out the Rice Dumpling with Roasted Duck and Five Beans 五豆养生裹蒸粽 (绿豆、红豆、花生、眉豆、粟米) RM28. The red beans, green beans, black-eyed peas, peanuts and corn are each boiled till soft and remain flavourful in each own right yet are able to compliment each other and the roasted duck extremely well. My favourite of the 2 savoury dumplings.
Hearty filling of roasted duck, red beans, green beans, black-eyed peas, peanuts, corn, salted egg yolk, mushroom and dried shrimps.

And with your meal of dumplings, do remember to check out Zuan Yuan's wide selection of Chinese tea that does wonders with a meal of dumplings. In fact it clears the palates and eases digestion really well. The dumplings are available for dine in till 30th June 2013 - lunch and dinner. Of course if you want to bring them home, you can do so and follow Chef's instruction in steaming them for about 30 minutes.

While at Zuan Yuan this June, do also check out their dim sum we did. Some are new items that I have not tried before 
Oven baked salmon tart with chinese spinach and cheese
Cod fish dumpling with orange skin and pumpkin
Steamed Shanghai Chicken Siew Long Pau
Steamed cheong fun with prawn and tang choy
Deep fried crispy prawn and squid dumpling coated with pumpkin seed
Taro dumpling 'wu kok' style with scallop and black pepper sauce
Stir fried turnip cake
Oven baked egg tart

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