Monsters University

Monsters Inc was certainly one of my fave movies from 2001. Certainly remember purchasing quite a few of the official merchandise and rewatching it almost 40 times to date. Fast forward 12 years later, we now have Monsters University.

Interestingly Monsters University is a prequel rather than sequel like previous Pixar productions such as Toy Story 2 and 3. In this movie, Billy Crystal and John Goodman reprise their roles in the prequel as the wise-cracking cutie pie Mike Wazowski and lovable Sulley among the sea of returning favourite characters from Monsters Inc and of course some totally lovable new characters. 

Mike and Sulley meet in Monsters University’s prestigious School of Scaring. While overly cute Mike works super hard to be a top student, Sulley believes that he is a natural-born scarer. And these 2 lovable characters weren't quite the best of pals then. 
Have your laugh through the classes and battle scenes (I wonder whether The Hunger Games had influenced this movie to a certain extent). Finally Mike and Sulley get kicked out of the Scaring Programme and the university. So how then do they end up in Monsters Inc?

Well the only way if for you to catch the movie when it opens on 20th June 2013. Catch it in 3D to appreciate the awesome animation work.

Here's the teaser!

While some felt that Monsters University lacked the poignant emotions of Monsters Inc with lovable Boo, I felt that this prequel did an excellent job in its own right. We learn that talent isn't everything. And neither is hard work. It really does not matter how big or how small you are. It does not matter how loud one roars (or mewls in Mike's case), what is necessary and reality is good teamwork and friendship coupled with hard work.
Rodeo or playing catch?
Mike is cute...not scary!
ROR - the coolest and scariest blokes in school.

The scary Dean Hardscrabble - the formidable head of the School of Scaring has 30 legs.
Grab your tickets now for Monsters University

This is one movie that you must enter the cinema early. Smack before the movie Monsters University is 
“The Blue Umbrella,” a lovely short film with highly photorealistic animation techniques that tells the story in the rain with random kindness and unexpected romance.

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