TVXQ! Catch Me World Tour in Kuala Lumpur

Alternative K-Pop artist TVXQ finally made their way to Malaysia after a long 6 years wait.  Itw as a delightful and exciting night long concert that saw many fans screaming and tearing in Stadium Malawati. Attended the concert with Cassiopeia who to my surprise weren't just Malaysian. In fact there were many Japanese sitting with us! Needless to say it was a whole night of ooohs, aaahsss and lots of singing as Max (Changmin) and U-Know (Yunho) took to the stage.

A short post with lots of pics and of course the full set of pictures in my Facebook album TVXQ. Would have loved to snap more pics but we were allowed to do so till the 7th song only. One thing that caught my surprise was that the Stadium Melawati was well designed, giving fans a good up close and personal experience with both Changmin and Yunho. 

Am certainly looking forward to TVXQ! coming back to Malaysia for their next concert real soon. Certainly their return to the scene with their ‘Catch Me’ album certainly shows the boys have grown bigger than ever with their album reaching the No.6 ranking on the highly regarded Billboard World Albums Chart in the U.S. last October and of course aearning them the ‘Album of the Year’ award for the fourth quarter of 2012 at the acclaimedGAON Chart K-Pop Awards. TVXQ!’s single by the same name, Catch Me, also soared to the top of music charts in Korea, Japan, Thailand and Taiwan.

THANX JPM Music for the invite to catch the TVXQ! live in Malaysia. For more information on the acts that's coming in check out or

Now let the pictures speak!
Long queue for our media'll be surprised at the number of K Pop websites in Malaysia!
TJ Chin of JPM Music giving a short speech
TVXQ! arrive at the press conference.
The fans came early including these 2 sisters who attended with their mummy.
TVXQ! live in Kuala Lumpur!
Mesmerizing and energetic concert as TVXQ! thrills Cassiopeia with their songs and sleeks dance moves. 

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More pics in the album: TVXQ!