Yippee! I Flew A Plane

Sitting in a plane is quite the norm. For a change I flew a plane. YES you read it right. I actually flew a plane. An Airbus A320 to be precise! 

Hahaha...not quite the plane but that's me in the cockpit of a flight simulator of an Airbus A320. Pic taken after takeoff while we flew over some fluffy white clouds. An amazing experience because the simulator gave the whole works of an actual flight. Hmmmm isn't that what flight simulators are all about? Silly me:P
The simulator awaits!
These monitors are for our Instructor to manipulate the flight. Sunny, windy, thunderstorm etc...he has the power to create the environment.
Controls for a pilot.
Gasp! So much details!
Runway 32. This is as seen from my seat.
'Flying' over LCCT
I even have to run through the script!

An amazing experience of being in an actual flight simulator to take off, fly and land! THANX to Air Asia who put together AABC or Air Asia Bloggers' Community gathering at the Air Asia Academy where Air Asia crew including pilots actually train.. It was a super fun afternoon with fellow bloggers from around Asia. 
Totally fun!!!
Some games were lined up and we had to pick up these little AABC tags hidden all over Air Asia Academy. Not sure what they were for but we certainly looked high and low for them. I found this blue one:D
Joel playing aeroplane. Actually we're being taught how a plane taxies into the parking bay!
We're given a crash course to guide aeroplanes. Fun and hard work!
We run through flight attendants' safety briefing. And learn to make it fun too!

And after an afternoon of fun and learning, the day ends with a meal like any other 'training'. Teams won based on their score for completing the challenges e.g. flying a plane. And remember the blue tag that I found? That blue tag won me a trip to Ho Chi Minh City! It certainly comes in handy as I have not visited HCMC for quite some years.
I certainly have reasons to smile and be happy...right?
Thank you Air Asia!!!

There are quite a lot of photos from the afternoon that will tell the fun we had. Check out the pictures in I went to school: Air Asia Academy. Certainly not a boring afternoon on a hot Saturday. Once again, thanx Air Asia!!!

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