Aneka Selera @ Cinnamon Coffee House

Craving some home cooked goodness?  Then Cinnamon Coffee House in One World Hotel is the place to be. Once again this award winning coffee house whips out a feast of traditional home cooked delights for Ramadhan. Take your pick from over 100 dishes from a wide selection of Chinese, Indian, Malay, hawker fares and even Western and Japanese.

I love the setup of little stalls at the entrance similar to hawker stalls offering apam, yong tau foo, soups, noodles, ais kacang and more. Similarly inside will be live stations to whip out hot fresh food to satisfy hungry stomachs! Take your pick of Roti John, Shawarma, Dim Sum, Tempura, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Yong Tau Foo, Popiah Basah, Roti Canai, Murtabak, Char Kway Teow, Nasi Goreng Kampung, Mee Mamak and Fried Mee Hoon!

Though I think when breaking fast, something cold or sweet is often preferred after 12 hours of thirst. Pick from cold chilled drinks such as Air Tebu, Air Sirap Bandung, Air Cincau, Air Soya Bean and Air Asam Boi. Fruits are always my faves for my fix of vitamins. Of course there is no harm starting with ice creams too!

Opting for a light bite? Then check out the popular offering of Malay kuih-muih such as Agar-agar Gula Melaka, Tapai Pulut, Jala Emas, Pulut Panggang, Lepat Pisang, Ondeh Ondeh, Badak Berendam, Kuih Koci, Kuih Lapis, Kuih Talam, Kuih Cara Berlauk and the list goes on. 

For something more filling and satisfying, Cinnamon's famed Nasi Briyani and roast lamb is always my favourite. Succulent New Zealand whole lamb is slow roasted and goes brilliantly with a dash of mint sauce and black pepper sauce. And if you head in on Saturdays, then you'll be in for a treat as Roast Whole Deer will be served every Saturday night.

Cinnamon's selections are often so varied that its hard to decide what to choose from. Signature dishes are not to be missed. Among my faves are the Ayam Percik, Daging Bakar Asam, Daging Rendang Tok, Ikan Patin Masak Lemak, Kupang Masak Berlado, Siput Sedut Masak Asam Manis, Daging Rendang Tok Ikan Tenggiri Pajeri, Nangka Muda Lemak Cili Padi dengan Tulang Ikan Masin, Lala Tumis Petai Asam Pedas and Udang Rendang Berkerisik. That's just the main course!

There is still a huge selection of local and international appetisers like Umai Umai (Spicy Seafood Salad), Kerabu Telur (Marinated Egg Salad), Kerabu Pucuk Paku, Jelatah Harian (Cucumber and Pineapple Salad), Acar Buah, Kerabu Mangga dan Betik Muda (Mango and Papaya Salad), Kerabu Ayam (Marinated Chicken Salad with Coconut), Smoked Chicken Platter with Mixed Pickles, Potato Salad with Shrimp, Shredded Duck Salad with Lemongrass, Shrimp and Honeydew Salad, Jelly Fish with Spicy Sauce and Crushed Peanut, Assorted Cold Cuts and Condiments.  

For your fix of carbs, choose from Nasi Kerabu Berlauk, Nasi Ulam, Nasi Dagang, Daging Deng Deng, Otak Otak, Pulut Ikat Bersantan, Roti Jala and Chicken Curry and Pulut Serawa Durian available at The Chef’s Specialties Corner. Worry that you can't fit all into your stomach? Haha...walk around like I did...grabbed the nasi ulam from one side, walked over to picked up some salted fish from the appetizer table and fish crackers from another table!

I have always noted the bread selections at Cinnamon. This time around, I actually checked them out and I was quite surprised with the assortment of breads and buns. Since I was running the next morning, yes I did my rounds of the breads this time around:D

Its Ramadhan, so One World Hotel’s popular Bubur Lambuk is also a must. A bowl of this hearty goodness with your choice of condiments. Mine is lots of chicken and spring onions!

Let's not forget the International selection of food on this very elaborate Ramadhan buffet. A popular station (all year long) will be the pasta station and juicy roast beside it. Pizzas are also another popular pick especially with children. I do particularly like the Japanese selection with its generous selection of sashimi, sushi, cold noodles and cold shell fishes in one row.

Good to start on a sweet note and also end on a sweet note. The desserts selection is amazingly mouth watering including Ice Cream Goreng, Bubur Jagung Manis, Chilled Longan and Peach, assorted Ice Creams, Ice Kacang with Condiments, Cendol with Condiments, Chocolate Fountain, Pandan Kurma Layer Cake, Nutmeg Coconut Pie, Chocolate Moist Cake, Kurma Cheese Cake, Kurma Linzer Tart, Honeydew Pudding in Glass, Panna Cotta and Strawberry Mouse.

Live stations similar to hawker stalls
Cup of teh tarik to warm my tummy. The teh tarik at Cinnamon is one of my faves:D
Beef striploin in rosemary sauce
Tiny pieces of burung puyuh awaits quail lovers!
Crab with sweet chili sauce and egg white.
Beef cooked sumor style
A must have roast lamb
Briyani rice
roti jala
chicken curry to go with your roti jala

Chicken shawarma
Smoked salmon and seafood terrine
Old fashion fried chicken wings like how granny would make.
Assorted local rice favourites. I love the nasi ulam the best!
Yong tau foo
Dim sum
Smoked chicken
fluffy apam
My customised apam which Chef kindly made for me. I like mine crispy with only corn and peanut with a dollop of butter thrown in smack before its folded.
Breads and more breads!
Assorted local kuih
Desserts galore!
Donuts for some sugar rush!
Fried ice cream
Glutinous rice with durians and coconut milk.
Pretty kuih lapis (layered cake)
A must try rare found dessert of rambutan stuffed with pineapple and topped with coconut cream.
Local festive biscuits

This Aneka Selera Kayanganku Ramadhan buffet starts from now till 8th August 2013. A surau is available for your convenience.
• RM128 per adult
• RM64 per child aged 4 – 12 year

Cinnamon Coffee House @ One World Hotel:
 T: +603 7681 1157

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