Choong Foong

When Jo mentioned that lunch was at Choong Foong, the first thing that skirted around my brains was why would anyone want to call a place 'stroke'? But jokes aside, Restoran Choong Foong is an old fashion fuss free restaurant that I believe many of our older generations will have fond memories of. Looking at the set up, it does look like a favourite spot for wedding dinners especially when you want simple but delicious error free dishes.

We visited Choong Foong within 2 weeks of the first visit. One thing for sure, lunch or dinner, food is consistent. However do make your reservations for dinner as it can get quite packed with families (and I mean large families). Service is relatively fast for certain dishes. So its best you also ask your friendly waitress what's fast for the day in case you have some hangry folks for dinner company:P
* Hangry = hungry + angry

 First visit:
Ginger steamed fish. Simple, fresh and spicy enough from the finely chopped up ginger. Appetizing enough for me to have my second bowl of rice.
Ham yu fa lam. You can smell this before it arrives at your table. There is something alluring about the salted fish that was braised with the pork belly. I must add that the pork belly is a nice balance of fat and meat. Nothing dry and yes for some folks, this was their reason to have another bowl of rice.
We're cantonese. So a soup is a must. It was quite a dry and hot season so this salted vegetable soup was perfect. A little tangy and salty, it was most appetizing with a lovely rich broth with a generous toss of pork, squid and prawns.
Think this was their Signature tofu. Tofu is formed into the  shape of a bowl and filled with mushrooms, mock abalone, meat and vegetables. The outside of the tofu is lightly fried to keep its form but its nice and wobbly inside.
No complain with this sambal belacan sweet potato shoots.
Salted egg prawns. Its disappeared as fast as it appeared on the table. Highly recommended since each prawn nicely enveloped with creamy rich salted egg. Lightly spicy with some cili padi thrown in when it was deep fried.
Congras Mr and Mrs Yong...and thanx for this very yummy introduction to Choong Foong!

Visit 2
The first visit was so good that we knew the tamchiaks need to have our CNY reunion dinner at Choong Foong.
Assorted swimming seafood if you wish for some fresh ones.
Straight forward and simple yee sang with salmon. Nothing fancy but its tasty enough. Hmmm...I am not craving yeesang! Dang!
Clams in superior broth. A must have when one visits Choong Foong. Its a hearty dish perfect to start your meal with a touch of Chinese herbs (dong kwai and kei chi) with a touch of wine. Beware of the tiny bits of cili padi and ginger strips that adds a slight zing to the broth.
If you love Marmite dishes, then the Marmite pork ribs here are a must. Juicy pork ribs each enveloped with a tasty thick sauce with clear Marmite taste to it. My happy dish! 
Stir fry vegetables
If you like your food spicy, then you must check out their own concoction of cili with garlic and a little touch of ginger.
Tofu with seafood in a rich eggy gravy. I love the rich gravy that remained thick all the way to the end of dinner. This is possible only when you use egg white as a thickener rather than too much cornstarch.
The steam fish that we had during our first visit was so good that we knew we needed to order it for our second visit too!
Total bill for our second visit: RM226.70. A meal for 7 persons...its reasonable considering its during the festive period.

Restoran Choong Fong 松烽冷气大酒家
8 Lorong 1D 
Kampung Subang
Shah Alam 
T: +603 7846 1081
Landmark: opposite Metro Driving School.

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