Citarasa Kampung @ Seri Pacific

City folks rejoice! Seri Pacific Hotel whips out a selection of delicious 'Citarasa Kampung' dishes. This means a whole variety of traditional kampung style dishes and giving it a real kampung feel, part of the setup is pretty much a cozy village style environment. And when you have your desserts...that's where the real kampung feel starts!

Love the arrangements that fels like I am being hosted in someone's garden with traditional touches of batik and greenery here and there. I absolutely adore the live stations prepare some of the dishes, indeed its always extra appetizing seeing your food being prepared before you. And being able to watch someone prepare our food is always a highlight for me. And the best of all, enjoying some durians (and whatever you fancy) on some wooden benches and tables.
Someone's home? Not the best shot but the wooden benches on the right is one of my fave things from this Ramadhan feast.
Friendly chefs at work. They say smiley and happy chefs whip out better food.
Chef wokking hard over char kueh teow.
Fatty Corner for that familiar lok lok. This was Johan's fave!
Bubur kacang with pulut hitam is always a delightful welcome!
And good old pengat pisang too! Kampung style right?
Trays and trays of traditional Malay kuih-muih.
A whole variety of local fruits that is my option to break my fast with before I devour the other dishes....
Followed by bubur lambuk - a comforting porridge with meat and spices.
Sushi? Not your regular sushi because these are sambal sushi. Tasty...a little like having your nasi lemak fusion style. OK..this is not quite your traditional kampung style but kudos to the chefs at Kofuku (read my previous entries for Kofuku here and here) for concocting this interesting twist.
Another modern twist in the form of pizzas. This is the sambal pizza. Tasty and alluring combination of cheese and sambal:D
Love the kerabu selections and mine is obviously this kerabu mangga muda (young mango salad). Nothing beats the sensation of crunchy mango with a touch of chili, tanginess and sweetness in each bite.
Marinated seafood and meats only means...we will be having grilled seafood! Yes grilled and not fried!
The good old fashion style of grilling over wood fire and/or charcoal!
Grilled and then served on banana leaves!
The humble but very tasty ikan kembung
The Perut Lembu Masak Lemak Rebung, Sambal Udang Petai and Korean Mussel Cooked In Spicy Chili Paste are among my fave dishes for the night too.
My photo does no justice to Seri pacific's signature Nasi Briyani Gam but I would like to vote this the best nasi briyani in KL hotels! Seriously its as close as what I have tasted in my homestate Johor (click to read about Johor Food).
An assortment of wet and dry curries.
Highly recommended is this rich 'Lauk Limpa Kari' (Spleen curry) 
My plate of nasi briyani with additional dishes - confession: this is only the first of the 3 helpings of nasi briyani that went into my whale tummy.
A not to be missed dish at Seri Pacific is their Sup Gear Box Power.
A whole pot of rich soup awaits! Tummy warming with the variety of herbs and spices. Does well to quell a gaseous tummy after 12 hours of fasting.
Take it with a squeeze of lime and of course a tea spoon or more of the sambal kicap for that extra kick! The grilled ox tail is good to be eaten on its own or soaked into the rich soup.
Durians! Yes durians. No 'stinking' up Seri Pacific's ballroom as we savour these durians kampung style in the courtyard or garden sitting on wooden garden chairs.
Rich, creamy and yellow! Can you smell them?
Can smell it better?

The above are just a fraction of what Seri Pacific Hotel has to offer this Ramadhan. There are actually 500 different dishes every day. Yes! Its 500 dishes daily (rotated too) that Chef de Cuisine Chef Saad Bin Othman and his team will whip out! And when you berbuka puasa at Seri Pacific Hotel, you will also be entertained by live musicians known as 'LOS LABAMBA’, a 4-piece band from Indonesia.

And now to dine for a good cause 'Sentuhan Kasih Ramadhan' sees that every RM1 of Ramadan Buffet sold will be given to Tabung Kebajikan Islamic Aid Malaysia (IAM) and Majlis Kanser Nasional (MAKNA). 

For your added convenience, Seri Pacific Hotel Kuala Lumpur also provides a surau to enable visitors to perform Maghrib and Isha’ prayers without leaving the hotel. 

Buffet begins from 11th July till 3rd August 2013 from RM80 nett per person @ The Ballroom.  For those who prefer the ambience of a coffee house, Zende Restaurant is offering the buffet dinner at RM50 nett per adult with a slightly different menu.
Seri Pacific Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Putra
50350 Kuala Lumpur
 T: +603 4042 5555

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