Eat and Dance @ Songket

Nestled in the middle of KL is a quaint and cozy Malay restaurant. My regular haunt for Malay food during lunch in general for their affordable set lunches. Now its Ramadhan, its only natural to also visit Songket for my buka puasa. Its a nice 15 minutes walk from KLCC area if you fancy walking and ample parking space if you prefer to drive.  

The selection of food isn't too large but its just nice. With a daily rotating menu, you wont be bored of the same food with each visit to Songket. Arrangement of food is a well thought. There is no walking all over the place. One can just walk and follow the line and sections.

We start off with the roast lamb (one of the best in town...I will still sat it again and again), satay, grilled fish. Then you can have your choice of noodles, fried or soupy versions. If mee rebus is on the menu, then make sure you check it out. Good stuff!

The assortment of ulam, kerabu and light appetizers form quite a bit of the buffet line. My all time faves (which is coincidentally their best sellers from their ala carte menu) are the kerabu mangga and kerabu pucuk paku). Take your pick of the appetizers like the must have tauhu sumbat and pegedil. I know they are delicious but please go easy and leave space for the main!

Lemang and ketupat will be the usual suspects at all Ramadhan buffet line. And so will roti jala. However, the roti jala at Songket is green! Yes! Green from the use of pandan (screwpine) juice. A must have with the chicken curry!

Together with the ketupat line up is a smart arrangement of sayur lodeh, kuah kacang and sambal. If your read this blog often enough, then you will know that I will not resist piecing together a famous Johor dish lontong. Yes! That's the very first dish that I pieced together (my fruits don't count as I normally break fast with fruits before any mains). Took a bowl, filled it with ketupat, sayur lodeh, kuah kacang and topped it with sambal. Trust me it looked so good that even buddy Farish could not resist and quickly assembled a similar bowl. Taste is definitely good. My dining companions took a bite and made their own bowl of lontong too!

The mains are basically dishes from Songket's existing ala carte menu.  On the night that we broke fast at Songket, we had enjoyed very kampung like dishes including udang peria, ayam lemak masak gelugur, beef rendang, daging masak halia, ikan rebus assam keladi, sambal ikan bawal, udang mentega berkuah, ayam rempah tumis, sotong sambal kunyit, ketam masak lemak buncis, labu air goreng and vegetable stir fry. A good long list eh? Have it with a big plate (or two) of steaming white rice. I opted for the Nasi Hujan Panas.

Bubur lambuk is available daily while the soup menu changes daily and includes sup tulang rusuk, sup ayam kampung, sup daging, sup kambing and sup pindang.

Desserts are a must with every meal. Local kuih, cakes, ais kacang, fruits and home made ice cream awaits. Wash it down with some teh tarik or coffee to avoid a food coma. 

Though my fave reasons for visiting Songket at night for dinner is because of the cultural dances. Don't be shy! Kick off your shoes and dance! Its seriously fun!
Juicy tender grilled lamb good to be eaten on its own.
Kerabu pucuk paku
Mee kari or mee rebus? have them both though my fave has always been the mee rebus.
Pandan infused mee jala
kuah kacang...
sayur lodeh... have a bowl of awesome lontong!
Appetizing salted fish
Ayam lemak assam gelugur
Ikan rebus assam keladi
Nasi hujan panas
Bubur lambuk
Sup daging
Rojak buah
Bubur kacang hijau
Ais kacang 
Assorted local kuih and cakes
Dance to our Tarian Malaysia. Its seriously simple:D

Songket’s buffet items are rotated daily from five different menus. Buffet is between  6.00 p.m. - 11p.m. daily @ RM75++ for adult and RM35++ for children between 3 and 12 years old. Kids below 3 years old eat for free.

Songket Restaurant:
29 Jalan Yap Kwan Seng
50450 Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2161 3331 

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