July's Vanity Trove

July's Vanity Trove of only Kose products was a nice welcome as far as I am concerned. I have not used Kose for a few years and this was a good reason to check them out again. 
'Forever radiant. Forever you.' I have more reasons to want to explore the entire box!
A whole goodie box of Kose Infinity products. This is good for a trial or test since we can see the efficacy of the whole range on our skin without being mixed with other brands.
This probably doesn't look attractive initially. After all, it says "FREE trendy pouch, skin consultation and analysis only with any purchase of Kose Infinity Pure Advance item." However, upon experiencing the whole range and should you find something that suits your skin and you would like to buy, then yes...this voucher is going to be very handy. In my case, it was perfect as I used it when I purchased the Inifinity Pure Advance Eye Jelly.
The Kose Infinity Pure Advance Eye Jelly (RM180 for 20g) is a delightful and refreshing eye care. Jelly form, its easily absorbed as soon as its applied leaving the eye area with an instant plumped up effect. Instantly the signs of aging e.g. fine lines are instantly 'erased'.
I always believed in double cleansing. This well thought July Vanity Trove promotes double cleansing! So here we have 10g of Infinity Pure Advance Oil Cleansing Gel and 10g of Pure Advance Clear Up Wash.
The Kose Infinity Pure Advance Oil Cleansing Gel is a unique gel that changes to oil when in contact with the skin. This cleanser rinses off easily and does a fairly good job of removing makeup and the day's grime fairly well. 
Step 2 is Infinity Pure Advance Clear Up Wash with a luxurious meringue like lather. Works to remove whatsoever that the oil cleansing gel failed to remove. Skin feels smooth and clean after use.
I prefer to use the Infinity Pure Advance Essence Lotion II (RM169 for 160ml) with my bare hand instead of the cotton pad. I pour approximately 20 sen size of the lotion and pat it gently all over my face and next. The lotion contains natural essences to help rejuvenate, hydrate and plump up the skin - most obvious on the third day of use. The 30ml sample that was in the July trove lasted me approximately 7 days.
Infinity Pure Advance Serum II (RM169 for 120ml). The sample was 30ml and lasted me 9 days. This serum claims to adjust the balance of natural oils and water content of our skin leaving the skin soft, fluffy and poreless. Perhaps my pores are quite large because I didn't seem to see the pores shrinking but again its only been 9 days of use...perhaps with longer use, the pore size will shrink. It certainly did leave the skin feel nice and hydrated without any greasy after feel.
I am a firm believer of using sun protection. The Infinity Deep Protection UV with SPF50+/PA++++ (RM118 for 30g). I love the emulsion like texture that spreads over the skin easily. Giving a translucent appearance, it makes the application of makeup easier.  

July's Vanity Trove was indeed a pleasant one for me. While some complained that it was too Kose focused, I actually found it to be a plus point. Love the idea of being able to try almost a whole range of the product line while minimising the need to mix and match with our regular skincare range. To be honest, I was quite surprised that the items were mostly travel sizes making it a wonderful value for money purchase.

While the future Vanity Trove seems to be a tad different because we'll be choosing 6 items that we want to receive each month. In other words, each trove will be customized according to your preference of products! Based on the beauty profile that you have completed, there will be a list of recommended products that you can choose from.
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