Laundry Helpers

My name is Shalom and I am a 10 year old shihtzu. Let me tell you about laundry time in our house.
Mummy loves to exercise and running is probably her favourite because she runs so often. But she often comes back after her run with mud stains and sweat smell on her clothes!
Daddy loves to eat as much as mummy and he is one messy eater who often leave stains on his clothes. This one is curry stains. Gosh!
Eewww time! Dirty laundry time....eeeewwwwww
And because I am at home all day while mummy and daddy go to work, I am expected to do the laundry at home! Yes I am the maid at home!
You must agree that I am a good furkid to help with laundry!
Good thing mummy has been buying Vanish Power O2 for our laundry use. I can choose the pink for our general use or the white one for white clothings.
I can read instructions! I add 1 scoop of Vanish to stubborn stains if necessary.
Otherwise its just 1 scoop is necessary for the usual food and stinky sweaty clothes!
And magic! We have clean clothes without any stains on them. And all sweat smells are gone too!

And if you have laundry woes like we do...then you should give Vanish Power O2 a try. Don;t worry about buying them if you have not tried it before. Pop by to and register to have FREE samples of Vanish Power 02 delivered to your door step!

There is also a contest going on now that you can take part like I did. Of course I took part using mummy's name:D Do vote for my our entry if you see it OK? Hopefully we get enough votes so we can win some fantabulous prizes that include 3 units of 32" LED TVs, washing machines, fridges and Vanish products!

I know you love this post. Do check out my mummy's Facebook page Missyblurkit and show her some love for raising me well:D There are also many of my cute selfies in the album My Laundry Helpers