My Very First Mivva Box

A pretty polka dot box arrived on my table. It says Mivva box. very first Mivva box. I must say that I happily unboxed it, feeling really excited to check out the contents after reading and hearing lots of raving reviews from the girlfriends. 

This month it says "My Pamper Kit". Nice welcome message! All girls love to be pampered and for RM38, its definitely an affordable pampering (on a monthly basis). Like the previous months, there are full sized items too that is certainly value for money!
Unico and BeautyMate are 3 full sized items. OK...let's call it 4. The pumice stone is also a regular size item:P

Unico Eye Lip Enriched Cream RM98.80 for 15ml. This is a full sized bottle. One pump and I can easily use it on both my eyes and lips. Its a light formulation that feels more like emulsion than cream with a lovely light flowery scent to it. Formulated to enhance the biological function of the lymphatic system and to strengthen cell metabolism so as to eliminate eye bags, dark eye circle, puffiness and fine lines. 
Used for a week and for me I noted that the lips were not so 'wrinkly' at the edges especially after prolonged time spent under the sun and has a nice rosiness to it. It certainly smoothened the eye lines as little like any other eye care product that i have. My favourite feature of this product is that it is one product that can be conveniently used for both the eyes and lips.

Somang Danahan products came in trial size of 5ml each. I must admit that this is perhaps one of the products that I was looking forward to use having used the Somang Ecopure BB cream some time back. Both the Skin toner and elmulsion (RM139.90 each for a bottle of 160ml) are suited for dry and dehydrated skin. This herbal based products are blended following an Oriental formula which includes Chrysanthemum Indicum flower, Cyperus Rotundus root, Red Ginseng, Hoelen Alba, Angelica Gagas, White Peony roots, Chuanxiong and Gardenia seeds. A long list of ingredients that are believed to to improve blood circulation and enhance skin’s natural moisturizing functions. 
Pleasant floral scent that can be a tad strong for some people but the combined use of the toner and emulsion is lovely luxurious experience.

Elianto Ardour Shadow RM8 for 2g. This is also another full size product. I received Earth Brown #12 which is perfect since I don't really use any colour other than earth tones. This matte eye shadow glides easily on eye.
Full size product:D
Pretty in brown:D

Do not disregard the Pumice Stone. Its a handy must have in every girl's (and boys) beauty regime to brush away the calluses on the feet. Stop cutting those hard skin. The correct way is to brush them off daily with pumice stone after a shower:D

My regular all time must have product is Re-Gen Oil (RM29.90 for 75ml or RM45.90 for 125ml). The 3 sachets comes in handy for weekend getaways. This light oil contains an active ingredient PCL liquid which promotes skin regeneration. Further enriched with lavender, canlendula, chamomile and rosemary oils, Re-Gen oil is rich in Vitamin A and E to help fight skin ageing. Re-Gen oil is is highly recommended for blemished skin, stretch marks and scar tissues.

Beautymate Purifying and Hydrating Nano Toner RM49.90 for 120ml is another full size product this month. Contains gingko biloba leaf extract, hydrolyzed pearl and glycoproteins which to improve skin hydration, brightens skin and balances skin pH. 
The product claims that the Glycoproteins help to increase the moisture balance in the skin cuticle for up to 15 hours. after using it for a week, I certainly have to agree that the skin certainly feels more moisturized even though I am still using my regular Dermalogica moisturizer 
The packaging comes with instructions for a 4 step application technique to enhance the efficacy of Beautymate Purifying and Hydrating Nano Toner.

Conclusion! RM38 for the box of goodies mentioned above is certainly value for money. We are after all looking at 3 full sized products which are valued above RM150. To grab your own Mivva box, hop on to Alternatively check out what other happy Mivva users have to say to at

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