Random Musings: Notting Hill

I think I watched Notting Hill more than 20 times...perhaps more... the story is charming and so is the soundtrack. 

Beautiful and internationally famous American actress Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) meets British bookstore travel bookstore owner William Thacker (played by Hugh Grant)  in the Notting Hill district in West London. Anna buys a book from William and a romance blooms but will she find love?

Lots of good laughs and some good tender moments. A classic movie with nice British humour. No doubt Hugh Grant is charming (as usual) and Julia Roberts is certainly the best actress possible to play the role. And if you've not watched it before or have forgotten the movie, then enjoy the following 11 clips from the movie beginning with the official trailler and another 10 clips of memorable moments in the movie. To end it is of course the song "When you say nothing at all" by charming Irish boy Ronan Keating. I have chosen a live version which I think does more justice to his gorgeous voice and still boyish good looks.
The Movie
Can I have your autograph
William runs into Anna
A spontaneous kiss
Questions and apologies
Best friends already
What do you do?
Brownie contest
Friendly banter
Just a girl
The wrong decision

When you say nothing at all by Ronan Keating:

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