Shower TIme with Hansgrohe

Shower time! That's one of my fave moments (other than soaking in a bath tub with a good book and a glass of wine). Its one of the quite moments to myself and a gush of water. Literally its in the shower that I wash off the day's grime and sweat...and of course my daily frustrations. Its simply relaxing! In fact, its one of the simple pleasures in life!

And if you love your showers just like me and often have problems leaving the hotel shower then stop short of checking into the hotel for a shower (a very expensive affair), why not invest in a proper shower head for a luxurious shower?

A visit to Hansgrohe revealed there is more to just a normal shower head. Gasp but there are some that cost a bomb of RM80,000. Yeah! That's the price of a car for some of us. Of course, Hansgrohe isn't about insanely expensive shower experience. There are also ranges for humble people like us. 

One must certainly visit Hansgrohe to experience the whole works of a good and luxurious shower. Was at the showroom is Kelana Jaya with some fellow bloggers. Quite a bit of pampering by the Hansgrohe folks for this visit though I will say that on a normal visit, the experience of the gushing water from the taps and showers is amazingly good enough! 

Do not let the price put you off! Because if you visit Hansgrohe from now till 31st August 2013 with the following voucher, you will enjoy a whooping 40% discount on ALL Hansgrohe products. A definite YAY!
Print this out for your 40% discount on ALL Hansgrohe products!
This huge shower head on your ceiling for that free fall rain experience is approximately RM80,000. *gulp*
And this simple hand held one is approximately RM1,000. Different functions for different needs. And if you worry that it won't work in apartments or even with the usual water heaters, they do! All it requires is a 3 Bar strength for the water pressure which most apartments fulfil that requirement. Otherwise, invest in a water pump and you can have a luxurious shower too!
Do not worry that these showers will make your water bill spike high up the sky. These shower heads actually are very water efficient as they rely on air bubbles to create that luxurious gush of water. In fact its proven that such shower heads actually reduces our water bill!
Plenty of taps and other solutions by Hansgrohe for you to check out as well. 
Jacinta tested out the different shower heads at the Handsgrohe showroom. She came out smiling from ear to was like having a massage with the different functions of the water heads.
The hubster had his massage shower and settles in for his foot rub. That happy face!
Suanie hiding behind the shower:D

THANX to Hansgrohe, I am also now a proud owner of a Hansgrohe shower head. Can't wait to install it when our home's mini makeover completes:D Then there will be more long shower karaoke time...mwahaha!

Hansgrohe (Kelana Jaya)
No. 2B-1, Jalan SS6/6
Kelana Jaya
Petaling Jaya
T: +603 7805-4748

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