Soup and Soup

I love soups. Any sort of soups though my fave is still the clear Chinese soups... after all I am Chinese and am half Cantonese. While some will say that with our working schedule, its almost imposisble to cook at home. Well while I agree to it to a certain extent, cooking a soup is certainly possible no matter how busy.

We have today so many tools that we can make our soups. I have tried the conventional boil on the stove (and on some diligent days, even used a charcoal stove like how my granny used to make them for me), slow cooker, oven and pressure cooker. Yes one can make a good Chinese soup using the oven - click here to read my oven soup.

I learnt how awesome pressure cookers can get when my mother in law put hers to used while she whipped out a 4 course dinner within 45 minutes. So naturally I bought my own so I could have my 'instant' homely soups. My first was the conventional on stove type. Nothing scary except it does sing too loud and I need to be around the kitchen when I am using the pressure cooker.

My new toy is another pressure cooker. And in case you wonder why another pressure cooker? Well, one can never have enough pots and pans in the kitchen:P 

Though seriously, my reason for acquiring a second pressure cooker is because I finally found an electric one. Hello to my new toy - Phillips Pressure Cooker HD2139. It comes with 14 easy preset cooking modes. Though my 2 main reasons for loving this baby is:
• There is a preset timer function. This is something that you can't have with a conventional stove top pressure cooker because you need to have a Maria on standby to switch the stove on and off!
• I can bake with this pressure cooker. Yes...bake a cake! 
Hello to my new toy! Its only RM499. A huge bargain compared to the price I paid for my first pressure cooker.
14 easy preset menus! 
I will share on another post on my experience baking cakes using a pressure cooker but for now, my new toy whips out yummy soups in 30 minutes! The pressure time required for a soup is 20 minutes but the whole works of building the pressure up and releasing the pressure...its approximately 30 minutes for a good pot of soup!

Some days if I have more time in hand, I actually allow the pressure cooking time to be longer. Amazing becaue I only need to select the soup menu and adjust my pressure time then press start...then the clock starts and my soup is ready in a jiffy. 30 minutes...I can whip out a rice and 2 other dishes while the soup cooks on its own. Or when I crave for a soup after having my dinner outside, I can just throw everything into my Phillips Pressure Cooker and let it do its work while I take a leisurely shower:D

The preset timer has been handy. There has been days that I use the preset timer smack before I head out for my weekend runs. Come home 3 hours after my run and my soup is ready. All I need to do is to scoop my hot soup out and drink! Yes drink even before I shower...might as well sweat more from a bowl of piping hot soup before showering!

2 simple recipes that you can try (on any pot that you want)

(1) Tomato corn soup
A tad like my usual ABC but on one fine night at 11pm I wanted soup. So I rummaged whatever I could find...voila we have a tomato corn soup:P

• Pork ribs approximately 700g (replace with chicken etc if you cant take pork)
• 2 pieces of corn
• 3 tomatoes
• herbs: oregano and rosemary
• freshly ground black pepper
• 1.5 litres of water

• Marinated pork ribs with salt for 10 minutes before I blanched them with hot water to remove the fats etc.
• Placed pork ribs, corn, 1 teaspoon oregano, 1 teaspoon rosemary, black pepper and water into the pot of water.
• Selected 'soup' mode (and increase cooking pressure time to 30 minutes). Pressed the START button.
• Add salt to taste if necessary before serving.
Something clear and comforting for my midnight snack:D

 (2) Chinese Herbal Soup
I love herbal soups of all sorts. What I normally do is to pick up some ready packed herbs that come with different functions from nourishing the body to detox etc. Feeling a wee under the weather from a lack of sleep, I opted for a detox soup. No idea what the items were except they tasted very palatable even to children and the mushroom that comes in the pack is really delicious!

• Pork ribs approximately 700g (replace with chicken etc if you cant take pork)
• 1 pack of Chinese herbs
• 1.5 litres of water (as per instructions on my pack of herbs)

• Marinated pork ribs with salt for 10 minutes before I blanched them with hot water to remove the fats etc.
• Placed herbs and pork into pot of water.
• Opted to use the preset timer so that I could enjoy a bowl of detoxifying soup for breakfast.
• Woke up 4 hours later at 7am...added salt to my pot of soup.
• And our healthy breakfast of Body Detox soup is served!

So for soup lovers...grab yourself a pressure cooker. Grab an electric one if you fancy quickie soups without slaving over the stove. An electric one is a good idea if you need preset timers and what I call idiot proof functions. Look our for more recipes to come that I will be whipping out with my new toy!

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