Sunday Champagne Brunch @ Thirty8

I love celebrating Sundays. A day when I kick back, chill and take my own sweet time to savour the day. And celebrating Sundays with a Sunday Champagne Brunch is certainly a joy to behold. Spent on Sunday savouring champagnes, wines and cocktails with the girls. the 2 boys joined us but it was pretty much 4 girls with our girly talks over a feast at Thirty8 in Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur.

I totally love the concept of open kitchen at Thirty8. I find it a tasty and appetizing experience to see chefs work before us, whipping out our request. 
Open kitchen whips out Chinese, Japanese and Western food.
Choose your own ingredients and preparation for the chefs to cook for you.
Busy chefs at work

A lovely well lighted dining space with plenty of natural light, some greens and a view of KL skyscrapers.  One is easily spoilt with the wide variety of yummy noms. This Sunday Champagne Brunch is an ala carte buffet. Some items are preprepared while others are set in a buffet style for you to choose. Take your pick of desserts (yes I have to mention desserts first because that's where my meals seem to start from these days), Chinese, Western and Japanese. 
Cozy, green and scenic.
Take your pick of Japanese from sashimi, sushi, noodles and more.
Its all about shells. Love the fresh variety of cold seafood.
Sashimi...fresh ones. Took a few good helpings of it.
Stay healthy. Eat your fruits. There is a fine selection of both local and imported fruits.
Some call this dessert but this is my happy meal of pancakes, fruits, maple syrup and cream.
Delightful lil jars of fruit yogurt.
Bread galore. A perfect carbo loading spot!
Eggs Benedict that look pretty and taste just as good.
Sunday comfort food in the form of a quiche.
What's Sunday without a good Sunday roast? Pink juicy roast good on its own or even with some brown sauce.
Good old fashion pink roast that I love with just some plain roasted vegetables on the side sans any sauce.
Meat galore! let's have a nice thick chunk of tenderloin prepared the way we like it to be and served to us at our table. Glorious!
Dim sum on a Sunday! Goes really well with champagnes too:D
Choose your fave ingredients and chef will whip it out for you. Delicious plate of kam heong seafood!

Lazy to walk? Then sit and wait for the team to come to you with sharing platters which pretty much depends on Chef's special menu for the day. These sharing platters vary every Sunday and basically depends on Chef's special menu. 
Miso cod! Yes please...can I have another slice?
Miso cod. I could not stop at one. Neither did I stop at two. Think I have 4 slices:D
Another of my happy comfort meal in the form of a rich bolognese.

Dessert! There is more than plenty for dessert lovers. 2 counters are dedicated to desserts! Amazing eh? I was lost because I could not make up my mind what I wanted.
There are 4 sides to this dessert island.
Chocolates that I could not quite stop nibbling.
Pretty macaroons.
Apple pie. Grab a slice here and head on to the other dessert bar for some soft serve ice cream to go with it. Heavenly!
Tangy and rich lemon tart. Not too sweet. Not too sour. Just perfect. Would love to have this for tea time!
Soft serve with nuts and cute gummy bears. Sugar overload? Its ok...its Sunday!

More than just champagnes, choose from your choice of white and red wines. Thirty8 whips out some mean cocktails. Notably, I think I tasted one of KL's best Bloody Mary here!
Cheese galore to go with our wine!
Bloody Mary for my Sunday fix of fun antioxidants.
Bollinger Champagne! I am certainly spoilt and pampered at Thirty8.

There's entertainment for the kids too. Face painting, movie and colouring. It certainly kept the kids entertained while parents chill over the champagne. And on the day that we visited, 2 big kids joined the fun and had their faces painted!
Hello Spiderman...ahem Spiderboy!
A very pretty Fairy Princess.
Spiderboy colours really fast. Completed this piece within 5 minutes.
The 2 big kids with their tribal face painting.

Thirty8's Sunday Champagne Brunch also boast of a live band to serenade us. Nothing loud, just soothing and perfect for Sundays. equally enjoyable is their choice of pipe in music when the band took a break.

Totally smitten with this Sunday Champagne Brunch. Would certainly love to return soon to celebrate Sunday. And reckon in the coming months, I have a few burpdays to celebrate, popping celebrations for Jo who is delivering her baby soon and of course my 12th wedding anniversary:D

Sunday Champagne Brunch:12pm-3.30pm
• RM360++ per person (free flow champagne, wines, beers, and select cocktails)
• RM190++ per person (free flow fresh juice).

12 Jalan Pinang
Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2182 1234

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