Tea with Aireen Omar

No denying that I love my afternoon tea and I literally mean a good cup of tea with some light nibbles over a good book or good company. On one fine afternoon, it was indeed a perfect afternoon tea. Afternoon tea with Aireen Omar at Orchid Room at The Majestic  Hotel Kuala Lumpur. 

Its almost a year since Aireen became the CEO of Air Asia. So this afternoon tea was pretty much a girly gathering with her cum a mini celebration of her 1st year anniversary as the CEO of Air Asia.e. This is my third time meeting her in person. The first when I flew in to Nanning (click to read about my trip to Nanning), second when she ran 10km during the Women's Marathon in a tutu (its madness as far as I am concerned because of the weight and heat) and now in a more intimate setting.

Aireen Omar is quite an energizer bunny who enjoys a good game of tennis. Soft spoken one will certainly be totally tuned in listening to her speak. There is something about her when she speaks, its not just her being confident but perhaps even because she is quite animated and expressive. You'll see it in some of the pics.

Afternoon tea is of course not complete unless we have a yummy platter o go with out choice of coffee or tea. The afternoon tea set we had was pretty delicious and I confess that I actually ate quite a bit of the scones that went on well with my choice of tea. Of course in between nibbles, it was lots of good laugh, giggles and photos. The orchid room was definitely the perfect venue and I am looking forward to checking out that place soon for a gathering of sorts.

And now the photos...
more orchids
another variant of orchid
Love this one but I am not sure of its name except its orchids:D
Imagine a whole room of gorgeous orchid blooms! Mesmerizing!
And Aireen is the woman behind the thriving low cost carrier!
Perfectly English
Our afternoon treat continues and we each go home with some lovely home fragrance and an air ticket. My envelope brings me to Hatyai - lovely and timely as I was just planning a return to Saban Nga for some good noms. (click to read about my drive to Phuket which we did a stopover in Hatyai for a mini food adventure)
A cup of tea
Or coffee
Tray of pretty and delicious nibbles to go with our tea session.
Anything with berries work for me:D
Berries on my cheese cake...I could not help grinning from ear to ear.
A perfect afternoon tea must have scones!
Pretty in pink
Soft spoken and expressive
Expressive and engaging!
Note her rather cheeky smile:P
A soft but hearty laugh as she shares her childhood and work stories with us.
Sweet memories thanx to Air Asia!
One for my album with the power puff Aireen Omar.

Congras Aireen on your 1st anniversary as the CEO of Air Asia! Am absolutely sure that you'll be leading Air Asia to greater heights. Hope to catch you again...for a run perhaps soon? Hehehe!

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