Truly Malaysian Buka Puasa @ JP Teres

I like to linger and chat with pals after a good meal. Well it can be over dessert or drinks or even just chat and chill because a place is nice, cozy and inviting. JP Teres in Grand Hyatt is just one of those spots that we discovered is worth lingering around to catch up after a good meal. The ambience is perfect and so are the desserts that comes in handy to ease the taste buds after a rich meal.

The all day restaurant is located on the ground floor of Grand Hyatt. With its use of plenty of glass that allows a play of natural light from the outdoors (and neighbouring lights during the night), this place is warm and a way similar to Thirty8 (click to read about my bubblies brunch). Very inviting for lingering catch ups.
Outdoor sitting if you want some fresh air
A view of one of the 2 kitchens at JP Teres.
ol skool decors!
Part of dessert. There's some gems that you must try at the end of this post:P

There is a drinks bar where the outdoor sitting is located. Interesting selection of cold drinks to quench our thirst as soon as we berbuka puasa. Alternatively, the waiters were also attentive to walk around to offer drinks. I love the air asam - salty, tangy and quite an appetizing drink too.
Air asam complete with one very sour asam that the hubster happily ate up for me.
Teh tarik and Nescafe tarik because Malaysians love a frothy hot drink!

During our makan session, there was piped in music. Initially I thought it was a lovely selection of soothing angklung numbers. Then it hit me that the pipe in music was actually live music by musicians sitting at the entrance of JP Teres. 

Makan time! There is quite a fine selection so do pace yourself. Starting from the entrance will be an assortment of kurma (dates) and dried fruits. Lovely start to a meal especially when one is fasting.

The selection of appetizers especially the popiah basah is highly recommended. Its rather interesting to watch the chef preparing it. May look easy but it requires a steady hand to make a good popiah (click to read my experience making popiah) 

One cannot but help to notice the wide selection of kerabu. Can't decide which to have? Then try them all! The long list includes kerabu udang, pajeri nenas, kerabu sotong and kerabu mangga. Also on a healthy note, there is a lovely rojak station too!
A perfect selection of Malaysian salads!
My fave kerabu was is this kerabu perut (tripe) dan taugeh.

Together in the same section as the kerabu was the grill and fried items together with an assortment of dips. Choose from the popular budu, cincaluk, sambal belacan, sambal belacan dengan mangga and perhaps the most interesting would be the sambal betik! I can't tell you what sambal betik taste like since papayas and I are not the best of friends:P
No grill is complete unless we have satay!
Assortment of dips
Can't go wrong with simple pan grilled kembung.

No Ramadhan is complete without lemang and ketupat. I spotted some interesting lemang that were purplish in colour. We hardly get to see this lemang made with black glutinous rice.

The lamb and briyani at JP Teres is a must. In fact its one of my must have when we visit JP Teres for a meal (available during their lunch buffet which is currently taking a break during Ramadhan). Marinated overnight and slow roasted to ensure the skin is crisp while the flesh remains moist.

There is also the noodle station that whips out on demand different soupy noodles with your choice of meats, vegetables and seafood. Together with it is the very popular bubur lambuk and soup pots!
Noodles! Let's slurp!
Thick and comforting bubur lambuk

Love your rice and Malaysian dishes? Then save space for the wide selection of dishes. Opt for white rice if you must have white rice but my take is the flavourful nasi tomato made tastier with long grain rice. Malaysian fave dishes includes Lamb Tikka, Daging masak hitam (beef simmered in coconut and herbs), Itik Rendang, Sambal udang petai, Sotong masak ketumbar (squid in coriander sauce), Chicken devil curry, Ketam masak nenas (crab cooked with pineapple and coconut milk), Lamb Vindaloo, Crispy fried spiced chicken, Pumpkin in coconut milk, eggplant curry and more!
Nasi tomato
Chicken Devil Curry 
 Irresistible crispy fried spiced chicken

Highly recommended pumpkin cooked in coconut milk with seafood.
Asparagus and prawns cooked in sambal belacan.

I must admit that the plates at JP Teres are wonderful for buffet lovers. Its wide and deep enough so nothing rolls out of your plate:P

I mentioned dessert. This time we sat rather near to the dessert counter. The reason...we wanted easy access to the mouth watering desserts! Agar-agar, local Malaysian kuih, cookies, pulut tapai, kuih koci, pengat pisang, cakes, ice cream, tongsui and more. This is also the time that you let your imagination run wild:P
One of the better Carrot Halava that I have tasted!
Local kuih.
My childhood favourite puttu mayam! I know its a little too much gula melaka on it...but its yummy! The plain string hoppers go really well with curries too so you may want to grab some from the dessert counter and then head on to the curries for another lovely meal:P
The chiffon cake is a must. Do request for some lovely soft serve ice cream to go with the cake. Amazing end to dinner!

Its a truly Malaysian buka puasa at JP Teres. Make your reservations for a truly Malaysian buka puasa experience till 4th August 2013!
• Sunday to Thursday: RM108++ per adult or RM54++ per child 
• Friday and Saturday: RM128++ per adult and RM64++ per child 

Book a table on 03.2203 9160
Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Pinang
Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2182 1234

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