14 Amazing Days of Zespri® Kiwifruits

The Zespri®'s 14-day Daily Scoop of Amazing Challenge ends today at midnight. The challenged passed by rather quickly and the 2 weeks has been simply amazingly yummy and fun. Its not difficult to eat 2 kiwifruits daily. In fact, my fun came in the form of how do I eat my kiwifruits daily or what else can I do with my kiwifruits?

So after the 14 amazing days, my conclusions and observations are as follows:
(1) Zespri® kiwifruits are absolutely delicious. Good to be eaten on its own or even incorporated into recipes.
(2) The high soluble and insoluble fibre in Zespri® kiwifruits has resulted in softer and bulkier stool movement. An amazing fruit for those of you with constipation problems.
(3) This naturally sweet fruit is a refreshing fruit to consume post workouts. In fact, the running pals whom I shared some Zespri® kiwifruits after our training session were amazed at its refreshing taste and flavour even though the kiwifruits that I served were almost at room temperature.
(4) The high Vitamin C content in each Zespri® kiwifruit is probably a reason that my regular morning sinus attacks seems to have lessened. Over the 14 days, I recorded only 3 days of 'wrapping wantans' (blowing my nose into a tissue!) unlike my usual almost daily mornings of a runny nose when I wake up.
(5) Over the 14 days, while the kiwifruits were supplied by Zespri®, some pals commented that the cost of each kiwifruit was more expensive if compared to bananas, oranges or even apples. Would I still continuing with my kiwifruits diet? The answer is YES because when you realise that each kiwifruit contains Vitamin C two times of an orange and five times of an apple, there is actually more savings from consuming Zespri® kiwifruits versus oranges and apples.

It has been totally fun and a very tasty 14 days of Zespri® kiwifruits in my diet. Let me recap (a collection of YouTube, Instagram and Blog posts:
Totally tasty even when I consume at room temperature. To get kiwifruits to last, keep them in the in the fridge. Keeping them in room temperature will assist it to ripe naturally. And if you need to speed up the ripening of the kiwifruits, merely keep them in a bag together with either apples or bananas.
Yummy enough to be eaten on its own as a meal or even a snack.
Had a little more fun with my Zespri® kiwifruit instead of the usual boring halves.
Here's the video for you on how to serve your kiwifruits with the above V cuts.
Eating it with my morning bread brekkie:D 
Recipe? Grab your wholemeal bread layer it with almond spread, chia seed, Zespri® kiwifruit and maple syrup. Totally tasty. 
Had my Zespri® kiwifruit with my peanut butter toasties. BTW! There's kiwis inside my toasties too!
Added Zespri® kiwifruit into my morning protein shake that I normally consume before my morning runs. All you need to do is to add one kiwifruit into your shaker together with the protein powder, water and whatever else you fancy - in my case its flaxseed, carob powder and chia seeds.
Nutty Zespri® Kiwifruit Salsa which I served with roast beef (recipe coming soon too together with the roast beef) but its really a simple one of blending 2 Zespri® kiwifruits with 100g of nuts (whatever nuts you fancy).
Zespri® Kiwi, Bacon and Cheese muffins (click here for recipe)
Zespri® Kiwifruit Smoothie with Carob Powder. 
Easy peasy recipe of blending one kiwifruit with 150ml of soy milk or yogurt, half teaspoon of carob powder and then top it with more carob powder before serving. 
A tropical smoothie based on Zespri®'s recipes (click here to read or head on to Plenty of yummy recipes for you to check out there too!
Almond Milk Overnight Oats (click here for recipe)
Zespri® Fruity Overnight Oats (click here for recipe)
I made granolas with Zespri® kiwifruits to fuel my run (recipe coming up soon)
Precious moments of seeing my fellow runners enjoy their Zespri® kiwifruits after a run on the first day of Hari Raya.
My Zespri™ moments at Sungai Chiling waterfall with my 4 young troopers.
Hydrated myself with some Zespri® kiwifruit flavoured water to make sure I am properly hydrated after my run and/or boot camp training sessions. Its a simple 1 Litre of water with 1 lime and 1 Zespri® kiwifruit sliced.
Bored with banana nut bread, I made these buttery rich Zespri® Kiwi Nut Bread which I served up with some pretty kiwifruits. Again recipe coming up soon.
Had fun being a Mad Scientist and made this Zespri® Whisky Sour (click here for recipe). This is one cocktail that i believe that doctors will approve because its so rich in fibre and vitamins!
Have a good laugh but I made these Yogurt Zespri® Kiwifruit Pancakes for my 12th wedding anniversary (click here for recipe).
Overate during the Raya festivities and concocted this Zespri® Digestive Fizz to ease my indigestion (click here for recipe). Why kiwifruits? Because only Zespri® kiwifruits contain Actinidin. This enzyme improves protein digestion and relieves bloated feelings from overly heavy meals.
A green batik dress and a green Zespri® drink is my Raya with Zespri® this year!

Totally fun right? And certainly tasty too:P But more so since I am actively training for my Full Marathon and Ultra 50km, I am incorporating Zespri® kiwifruits into my daily diet for the following reasons:
• Kiwifruits contain a wide range of minerals (electrolytes). It is essential for athletes to replenish these electrolytes that we lose during our races or training sessions. And because one Zespri® kiwifruit is approximately 46 calories, I am effectively getting my minerals without the unnecessary calories found in isotonic drinks. 
• Actual tests on athletes reviewed that athletes who consumed kiwifruit (drinks) maintained blood glucose at normal levels when training lasted more than 2.5 hours. When our glycogen level drops while we are training, so will our glucose level resulting in a decline in performance and exhaustion.
• Kiwifruits have higher Vitamin C than oranges and most importantly, its Vitamin C is more stable that citrus fruits. Vitamin C is essential to runners because it is a powerful antioxidant. Vitamin C is also proven to reduce recovery times and even reducing mild pain and stiffness after runs.
• Kiwifruits are rich in Folic acid which is necessary for our bodies to metabolize amino acids to transform sugars into useable energy. A deficiency in Folic Acid also increase our risk of anaemia resulting in fatigue.
• Kiwifruits is essentially a Superfood. This Superfood is rich in antioxidants that has been proven benefit endurance athletes thus significantly reduce muscle soreness and inflammation following workouts. It also works to decrease oxidative DNA damage.
• Studies have shown that with vigorous exercise, our body will utilize more anything from 10 to 20 times more oxygen. Thus increasing the generation of free radicals. A diet high in antioxidants eg the kiwfruit will help protect us from the increased free radical-induced oxidative stress & DNA damage. 
• Kiwifruits have more potassium than bananas making it a recommended fruit for athletes. Potassium aids in regulating our blood pressure, muscular contractions and nerve function.

So its definitely more Zespri® kiwifruits to go for me!

Remember! You can eat kiwi on its own or even incorporate it into your daily recipes. Have fun and be creative in your own way. After all, Zespri® kiwifruits (Green or Sun Gold) are absolutely versatile as shown in my recipes or even those on Head out and grab your Zespri® kiwifruits immediately. And while you're at it, collect the labels to redeem the cute Mr Kiwis. And your purchase of Zespri® kiwifruits might just win you a trip to Auckland and Rotorua in New Zealand! More information at
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You may just win a trip to New Zealand! More information at

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