7 Days of Amazing Zespri® Kiwifruits

Its been 7 days since I started my Zespri®'s 14-day Daily Scoop of Amazing Challenge. Been a fun 7 days as I was after all consuming and monitoring my intake of my fave fruits - kiwifruits! 

Eating a kiwi is easy. Either I eat on its own by halving it with Zespri® Spives (iconic yellow plastic spoon and knife 2in1) then scooping it into my mouth or including it into recipes e.g. Zespri® Kiwi, Bacon & Cheese Muffin or Tropical Smoothies.
eating my Zespri® kiwi on its own
delicious muffins
satisfying smoothies

Feeling good especially less bloatedness. An amazing fact about Zespri® kiwifruits is that it contains Actinidin, a unique enzyme only found in Zespri® kiwis.. This enzyme helps to improve protein digestion and naturally relieves bloating associated with heavy meals.

The best testimony of the effectiveness Zespri® unique Actinidin was when I pretty much was a happy camper eating on every stop of our food trail in Sandakan between Day 2 and Day 4 of the food trail. The trip saw us pretty much eating a full meal every 2 hours or so yet I was comfortable no bloatedness as I would normally expect. Reason? I packed myself Zespri® kiwifruits for the trip - in case I didn't have the opportunity to go grocery shopping. Ate 2 every morning and voila...survived 3 intense days of eating!

And do you know that Ironman has 2 Zespri® kiwifruits daily? The daily consumption must have really done him good. I mean have you ever seen Ironman fall sick, have a flu or even constipate? Well, that's just proof of Zespri®'s amazing nutrition value. One Zespri® kiwifruit has:
• two times the Vitamin C of an orange
• five times the Vitamin C of an apple 
• same amount of potassium of a banana
• insoluble fibre to help increase stool bulk and soluble fibre to aid in water absorption for softer and bulkier stool - This means stools can move through your colon easier.
Ironman eats 2 Zespri® kiwifruits daily
breakfast in Sandakan
Lunch in Sandakan - seafood bak kut teh

7 more days to go in the Zespri®'s 14-day Daily Scoop of Amazing Challenge and I am excited to know what the results will be. Stay tuned to this blog and of course do stalk Yours Truly (and show her love too) at the following channels:

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