Chocolate Buffet & Afternoon Tea @ Thirty8

A new found love is afternoon tea. And when you throw in a chocolate buffet, I am the happiest girl in town. And if you intend to lecture me on fats and sugar...then save your breath! Happy with a good afternoon tea and loads of chocolates is an excellent way of staying healthy! 

On one fine weekday afternoon, its the following delightful afternoon tea and chocolate buffet. With good company of course though I have happily returned on my own with the company of a good book to chill. Weekday...yes the afternoon tea and chocolate buffet is available from Mondays to Saturdays. Lovely to plan a business meeting there too, right?

While the 2 tables of chocolate, the buffet may seem a tad small in a glance but trust me, the offerings are more than you can deal with even if you are a chocolate monster. Using only Valrhona Chocolate, rest assured every bite is a satisfying one. Rich in the flavours of true chocolate rather than being masked by sugar and fats. 

What I will advise if to take a piece of everything and then return for your fave that is if you still have room in your stomach! Let me now introduce you to my favourites from the selection!
Delightful mini (not mini as in one mouthful) sponge cakes. Looks sweet but trust this non sweet tooth girl, these are delightful!
These dark chocolate rochers are awesome. I took a piece even before I started on taking pictures. Returned for a second piece while I was still taking pictures...and again and again. Maybe the next round, I will just take a whole plate and sit there nibbling on these nutty goodness.
Though the white chocolate rochers were kinda sweet, it was still a lovely nibble with my black coffee:D
Chocolate profiteroles that I can never lay off my hands. Tiny lil almost mouthful deliciously lavish and rich! Perfect for an afternoon tea time.
Pretty and comforting White Chocolate Mousse and Jivara Chocolate Mousse (40% milk in this chocolate!). You can eat them on its own...or go grab some fruits and eat it together:D
White chocolate ginger pralines. Again the white chocolate was a tad sweet for me but things balanced up with my favourite ginger filling.  wonder if Chef Bret Muller would consider dark chocolate ginger pralines soon?
Tea time is not complete unless you have macarons!
A whole tall vase of chocolate bars! Amazing!
Fret not because there will be someone to grate or cut the chocolate bars for you! Itotally love these slightly bitter (I call them slightly bitter because I love bitter stuff) 99% cocoa chocolate. Yes...its 99%!
Thank you Chef! Can I have more 99% Cocoa Chocolate please?
Sorry...its so good that I need to show another photo!
Childhood memories of Rocky Road!
Chocolate dirt?
It sure looks pretty and its totally tasty. I will love to have one of these before my run!
Chef Bret Muller's fave Carabie Truffle Cake is light with a thin layer of sponge in the centre. Totally smooth!
Love it. Totally love this Valrhona Chocolate Buffet!

And if you have room, why not opt for the afternoon set too? No harm in an afternoon tea of delightful finger sandwiches, tiered delights of cakes, macarons and scones!
Perfect with your choice of tea or coffee and a beautiful scenery!
Feeling a tad English!
Hello there you fluffy rich warm scones!
 Lots of cream and jam to go with the scones! Oh my!

A delicious afternoon! The Valrhona Chocolate Buffet runs from 2pm-5pm from Monday to Saturday.
• RM68++ Afternoon Tea set only
• RM78++ Chocolate Buffet only
• RM98++ Chocolate Buffet and Afternoon Tea set

12 Jalan Pinang
Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2182 1234

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