Glenrothes Whisky @ The Whisky Bar

Whisky night some weeks ago was Glenrothes @ The Whisky Bar. For me it was a lovely after work  activity with good company and a whisky journey. Yes not forgetting some good nibbles too!

Night started off with a short introduction to Glenrothes whisky. Glenrothes Single Malt Whisky originates from Speyside also known as the heartland of Single Malt Whisky distillation which draws its flavours from the prime barley of the region and the careful barreling in American and Spanish oak casks. The resulting flavour, structure and body of this Single Malt makes it the choice for Master Blenders across Scotland.
At Glenrothes, there are 2 distinct categories of Glenrothes whisky 
• The Select Reserve is a marriage of mature Glenrothes from different years. 
• The Vintages account for a little more than 2% of the distillery's production. The finest casks are selected from a given year’s distillation only when judged to be at their peak of perfection. So we are really looking at the whisky at its maturity rather than a pre determined age. Each vintage is rare, finite
and sold on allocation.

One thing we noted was the unique character and design of the Glenrothes bottles. A simple and classic design that is actually based of the distillery’s classic sample bottle! Each bottle carries a label which is essentially a set of tasting notes by Glenrothes and includes the year of distillation and bottling for the Vintages.

The whisky flight begins with the Select Reserve. Pale golden, creamy and a little spicy. A touch of vanilla and zesty orange making this my favourite among the 4 that we had for the night though my companions preferred the Glenrothes Vintage 1994. For me, this Select Reserve is the whisky that I would enjoy as a pre dinner drink and then still continue into the night with this very same whisky either over a good book or when catching up with the boys (and girls)

The Glenrothes Vintage 1998 is a lively single malt. Soft and creamy with a rich taste of vanilla, sweet berries. Hints of citrus and cinnamon and a long spicy finish that I will probably love with some rich creamy dessert.

Third sampling was The Glenrothes Vintage 1995. This complex whisky bears the richness of butterscotch, creamy chocolate and sweet fruits with a medium finish. I personally preferred this on the rocks better than neat or with water. 

The Glenrothes Vintage 1994 was the hubster's favourite. "Prescribed" as an aperitif to whet one's appetite, I can easily understand why this was the hubster's clear favourite. This Vintage 1994 bears a whiff of sweet vanilla, zesty taste of lemon and citrus with a very soft finish. 

It would be crazy to run through a few whiskies on an empty stomach. Thankfully The Whisky Bar served some of their house specials as part of the whisky tasting experience. The platter was delightful to be eaten on its own as a nibble. And with our glasses of whiskies, it was indeed a brilliant night or a match made in heaven. Certainly a wonderful experience to spice up the night after a long day at work!

I can't say enough but whisky is not just a man's drink. There is a lot in a whisky from its texture to its taste. Its not liquid fire travelling from your mouth down your throat into your stomach! If unsure on how to start appreciating whisky, then head on to The Whisky Bar tomorrow night Tuesday 20th August 2013 for a night of whisky tasting! Its going to be Bowmore @ 7:30p.m. @ RM88 nett with yummy Nosh dishes!
More information:
The Whisky Bar 
48 Changkat Bukit Bintang
52000 Kuala Lumpur
+603 2143 2268

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