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Supper Clubs, Private Kitchens...these seem to be the trend emerging in Kuala Lumpur. Definitely a refreshing change from the usual restaurant scenes. Last month, it was dinner again at singing doctor Kelly Siew's home who offers her home for private dining via Plate Culture. Choose dinner or brunch and we opted for dinner.

A cozy dinner for a maximum of 5. Make your bookings via Plate Culture. Arrive at the booked time. Bring your own wine if you want some wine to go with your dinner! Dinner on that Sunday night was a hearty one of Teochew and Foochow recipes that Kelly grew up eating. Of course if you fancy Sarawak dishes, then you can also request for them since Kelly was raised in Sarawak.
Dinner kicked off with a bowl of piping hot Ang Jiu Chicken Soup. The wine used in this soup is made by Kelly's grandma. A hearty and comforting soup that certainly went well with the Cantonese girl in me. Sweet from the natural goodness of chicken and mushrooms. In fact because I run a great deal over the weekends, this soup on that Sunday night was a perfect hydration and pick me up that I needed to rejuvenate myself as a new week begins.
Vegetable Korma with Eggplant, Pumpkin, Potato and Green Beans. Even the hubster who is not the biggest eggplant and pumpkin fan adored this dish with his plate of brown rice.
Yes its brown rice in Kelly's kitchen. This young lass believes in going as healthy as possible!
I love pomfrets and I love steam fish. This Steamed Fish (Gold Pomfret) in Teochew style was definitely one of my fave dishes for the night. Steamed just right, it was juicy bites of the fish. Fresh enough that I devoured the head and eyes as well. Typically teochew, its a very appetizing gravy bearing the earthiness of mushrooms, sour zing from the assam, preserved vegetables and tomatoes that calls for extra rice. 
Five Spice and Soy Sauce Braised Pork Belly smelt amazingly good. As soon as Kelly opened the door for us, I could smell the gorgeous smell of the spices in the wonderful porky dish. Kelly's definitely taken effort to choose the pork belly and cooked this dish with much love. Each bite was a tender piece of meat with a lovely touch of the 5 spice powder.
Dessert for us was Kelly's  famous Lemon Tart! It might look big but it is so good that one cannot stop on the first mouth or the seocnd. You will just go one and on till your finish every bite and crumb. The crust is different from the usual ones you come across. And if you want to know what's the difference...well, head on to Kelly's blog or even order these yummy lemon tarts from her to taste!!!
The lemon curd is perfectly creamy, not overly sweet with the natural tastiness of lemon!

I mentioned that you can bring your own wines to Kelly's place. So I brought along the following bottle of Vila Maipo Chilean Sauvignon Blanc / Chardonnay that was coincidentally sitting in the fridge by mere coincidence or because I was doing a spring cleaning of the wines recently.
Easy and refreshing, its a nice wine with our Asian dishes especially with the Teochew Steamed fish we had that night!

To experince this homely cooking by Kelly Siew or even other styles in an intimate setting like this, hop by to Plate Culture and make your choice of Herbal, Indian, Jungle Dining, Lithuanian, Mauritian and a growing list...of over 25 home chefs who have opened up their homes to you.
Audra the founder of Plate Culture with the talented Doctor, Singer and Chef Kelly Siew.

Plate Culture
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