Kluang Railway Station

This Kluang girl went back to her hometown some weeks back for work. I have not returned for ages because my whole family are now in KL. So when work opportunity came, I could not resist planning my itinerary which included stopping by at the original Kluang Railway Station to have my meal. 
So there I was in Kluang on one fine weekend. It was Ramadhan so it was easier to get a place to sit. A brilliant experience for the hubster as he soaked up the whole atmosphere (including the arrival of a train heading to Singapore) and the good food that he has not had for some years. 

Enjoy the pics and of course head down to Missyblurkit for the full set of pics in the album Kluang Railway Station! Shower this Kluang girl some love there too OK?
I am homeeeeeee!
2 more tables...but I think I want to sit inside.
I spot an empty table! Hurry hurry...
Many packets...and you have here nasi lemak from different vendors. And yes...there is mee siam too!
This one comes with ikan bilis.
Plain nasi lemak with only sambal.  Super simple but the sambal packs a lovely punch of hot and spicy!
Someone young is now making the coffee...
But its still darn good! The secret is the coffee mix and the correct method of brewing it!
So good that someone had his second cuppa and simply chilled after our 2 hours drive.
People waiting. People watching...
The train is here. Stops approximately a minute plus for people to disembark and embark before it moves on to Singapore. 
Yes..that's the relaxed, enjoy your coffee and read the papers! Bliss!
My eggs are here! Eggs are a must when you visit Kluang Railway Station. Choose either the regular or kampung eggs...or have both!
Darn tasty...
Sliced bread anyone? 
My all time fave will be this round one. Hmmm...I was due to run the next day so I allowed myself a few buns to carboload for my 24km run:D
Toasted on the top. Toasted inside too using the old fashion way of charcoal. A rich dollop of butter melts and compliments the lovely not too sweet kaya perfectly. *drool*
Dip your bread with the eggs. Its orgasmic!

As I pen this, I am missing the ORIGINAL Kluang Railway Station for some good breakfast and coffee. The long weekend is coming...I think I might just head back to Kluang for my breakfast! And how do you get to Kluang Railway Station? 
• Take the PLUS Highway. 
• Exit Air Hitam.
• Turn right at the traffic light after paying the tol.
• Drive and follow the sign Kluang.
• Its approximately 20 minutes drive into town. 
• Cross the railway line and turn immediately into Jalan Station.
• Drive till almost the end of the road and the railway station is on your left opposite the Post Office!

I will be's the GPS coordinates!
GPS Coordinates: N 2° 01.994' E 103° 19.061'

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