MIVVA August

When my MIVVA August edition sat on my work desk in the courier packing, I noted one smelt! It smelt good. There was a nice rose scent coming out of it! Nice...and then it hit me! Dang! Did something break or leak in the box? Hurriedly, I tore the plastic wrap aside and unveiled the MIVVA Box nice and intact. *phew* It say FLOWER POWER when I unboxed it.
FLOWER wonder it smells gorgeous!

Now let's see the goodies inside...its always nice to unwrap a pressie or a box and not knowing what lies inside. 
The goodies in MIVVA August edition!!!
Culprit of the beautiful gorgeous scent was a Rose Perfumed Drawer Sachet by Taste. Seriously the smell is I opted not to use it in a drawer or the cupboard. Decided that I will hang it in the living room for a sweet scented touch. Two weeks down the lane and the scent is still visible even from my bedroom. Good stuff!
The Worthy Book ladies edition coupon gives you a discount of RM10 when you purchase the discount book.
I-Gel Aire Refreshing Drops 10ml - Full size: RM18.80 (WM) for 10ml | RM19.80 (EM) for 10ml
Awesome! This comes in handy since I do have very dry eyes in general causing me to constantly rub my eyes. A very bad habit and I have been resorting to eye drops to moisten my eyes these few months.  Tried this and yes, my eyes are smiling because they are now comfortable and soothed. Perfect for contact lense wearers too!
Dermedex Refining Cream 2 Challenge Pack - RM30
Full size: Dermetex Refining Cream RM165 for 30ml | Bio'Tox Cleanser RM120 for 50ml
Read about this product some months back. Achieve clearer and acne skin within 3 days of using the Refining Clearance Challenge Pack. The Challenge pack contains a Bio'tox Cleanser 10g and a Refining Cream 2 5g. 
Bio'tox Cleanser helps to deep cleanse while moisturizing the skin leaving the skin supple, healthy and glowing. One can use it like a regular cleanser or if you have time, leave it on the face for 15-30 minutes before rinsing. Interestingly, the Bio'tox Cleanser can also be used as an over night mask - something that I am looking to test after my first full marathon on 1st September.
The Refining Cream 2 encourages the skin's natural defences to resist blackheads and reduce irritation and redness often the common bane of acne or pimply skin. Tried it on my nose that does have a blackhead attack from time to time...hey! 3 days of using and it did keep the nose relatively blackhead free!
The MIVVA August edition also comes with a Dermedex Coupon and a special code for us to enjoy extra benefits and perks from too. Will certainly be checking it out when I finish using the Dermedex Bio'tox Cleanser.
Di Palomo Orange Blossom with Wild Honey and Olive Enriching Hand and Nail Cream 25ml
- full size RM69.00 for 75ml
No complains for more hand cream especially I run through them rather too quickly )I have a quirky habit of applying hand creams each time I wash my hand:P).
A lovely rich texture but absorbs very quickly with no oily after feel. Hands feels pampered thanx to the rich ingredients of olive oil, honey, grapeseed oil and orange blossom extract. The scent is a little light but nevertheless comforting:D
Tsubaki Damage Care Shampoo and Conditioner 40ml each - Full size: RM16.90 for 220ml and RM33.90 for 550ml
One of the regular brands in my toiletries collection for the last couple of years. Tsubaki Damage Care is enriched with Tsubaki Amino to intensively nourish and repair damaged hair.
Shills Rose Essential Hydrating Skin Care Set @ 3ml each -
Full size: Cleansing gel RM79 for 100ml,  Toner RM59 for 250ml and Essence RM99 for 30ml
This travel packaging comes in handy for overnight trips. This Damascus Rose Essential Hydrating range is rather mild in general and has a light rose scent. Rather pleasant and my fave would be the Dual Action Cleansing Gel that did a good job to remove my BB cream and loose powder. 
F Cup Cookies - Full size: RM78.90 for 14 sticks 
I was surprised. Truly surprised that there was food in the beauty box:D 
F Cup Cookies is an innovative Japanese product that serves to fill your tummy and also offers natural breast enhancement solutions with essential amino acids. I must say it makes a yummy snack and with its breast enhancement solution, I am not surprised that this is one of Japan's hottest selling item with over 4.5 million boxes being sold in the domestic market. 
Obviously eating 2 of the cookies will not give me F Cup boobies! It is recommended that one consumes 2 pieces of F Cup cookies daily and then technically you will be able to see results in a month.

The MIVVA August box is another winner box as far as I am concerned. My faves being the Tsubaki, Dermedex, I-Gel and Di Palomo items. For RM38, the goodies that I love is definitely a good deal. Awesome to be able to have access to miniature sizes instead of buying a full size and only to discover that I don't like the product or it does not work with my skin.

To grab your own Mivva box, hop on to Alternatively check out what other happy Mivva users have to say to at BTW, when you review the products on MIVVA's site, you will earn points that can be converted to a FREE MIVVA box! 

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