My Very First Ladder

At 5' tall, I am technically height challenged. Everything is always far too high to reach. So what I do is to either stand on chairs or get help. But now...I gain some independence and safety because I am a proud owner of a 7 step ladder which means I won't be stacking up a stool on top of chair (raise your hand if you are guilty of doing something similar). 

My very first ladder comes from Winner Ladder within a couple of days of me ordering it. I was a tad apprehensive actually when I saw the price since the 7 step ladder was merely RM140. I half expected it to be flimsy or made of some heavy weight material that requires me to seek help to carry it. Surprise surprise, the 7 step ladder was beyond what I asked for:
• It weighs merely 5.4kg! Yes that's 1/8th my weight and it pretty much means its easy for me to more it around.
• Double-sided stepladder with comes with the Tanglepruf™ feature. Most ladders have external hinges that will somehow be tangled with one thing or another in a never big enough sore room. This one by Winner Ladder has all the hinges on the inside of the ladder.
• Love the tool tray. handy enough for me to keep some stuff up there in case I r anyone needs some tools like screwdrivers, screws, hammers etc.
• The stepladders are made to a closed channel shape. This configuration significantly increases the strength of the steps unlike the usual ones in the market that will generally deform because of the open channel shape of the steps. This one by Winner Ladder certainly looked hardy enough. So I have decide to put it to a weight test - a 42kg me and my 80kg hubster. 122kg in total and we're happily snapping a photo together:D

Don't own a ladder? Then its time to get yourself one from Winner Ladder. Head on to to make a purchase now. And if you are a super heavy duty user, do check out also their ladders with fibreglass!

Ladders are available from 4 steps to 16 steps. Your purchase will be delivered to your doorstep within 7 working days from your purchase date for a nominal delivery fee of RM28 to RM49 depending on size. No more worries about transporting your ladder back to your home or office if you don't own a lorry! And if you purchase from now till 30 September 2013, use the code 10PERCENT for your 10% discount!
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