Ninetology U9 and the Tech Kaiju Arena

Joining the ranks of more new Smartphones in the market is Ninetology who recently launched 3 new models U9 series that should be making its way into the stores as I pen this post. Having had a look and feel of the 3 new models I am rather confident that we will be seeing quite a bit of folks buying themselves a Ninetology mobile phone. 
At the launch, it was the "Take your photo" moments at the photo wall. Everyone's doing it...oklah..I hop onto the bandwagon too for a pic.
Do what you want to the new Ninetology new phones. 
Screw boring launches and lucky draws. There was a game for us all and it was hillariously funny even though questions were largely based on Ninetology and its phones including "how many stories is the Ninotology office." Good laugh and the best man walked away with a spanking brand new Ninetology U9 series phone. Congras Quachee!

On a serious note (4 points to be precise), here's some information that should get you interested in the Ninetology! A quickie video to give you a rough idea.

The baby of the U9 Series family, this striking red or black mobile phone is for the fashionistas. Its small, its practical and it does scream look at me. Armed with a 13 Megapixel Auto Focus rear camera, this comes in handy for you OOTD pics! I personally like the fact that its small but not tiny to make it impossible to read emails:P
• 4.8″ Super AMOLED Plus HD display with 1280 X 720 resolution
 1.2 GHz quad core MediaTek MT6589 chipset processor
 PowerVR SGX544 GPU
 16GB Internal Memory with expandable microSD
 13MP back facing camera
 2MP front facing camera
 2,200 mAh
 Android 4.2
 137.8 X 69.9 X 10 mm
 Black / Red colours

U9 Z1
If you are long know the one who pushes the screen an arm length away to see the screen or even lower the glasses to the tip of the nose and peers at the screen...then this U09 Z1 is for you. Armed with 5.7 inch IPS HD display, this should be nice and clear without being over bulky like a tablet. 

I noted too that this model also comes with wireless charging! So say goodbye to less one cable messing up your workstation while you charge your mobile phone at work!

And if you're into selfies or love to use the mobile phone as a mirror, then the 12 Megapixels rear and 5 Megapixels front cameras will be a selling feature.
• 5.7″ IPS HD display with 1280 X 720 resolution
 1.2 GHz quad core MediaTek MT6589 chipset processor
 PowerVR SGX544 GPU
 16GB Internal Memory with expandable microSD
 12MP back facing camera
 5MP front facing camera
 2,600 mAh
 Android 4.2
 161 X 82.5 X 9.3 mm
 Black / White colours
Wireless Charging

U9 Z1+
The big brother of the 3 U9 models! This sleek white full aluminium MD housing U9 Z1+ is a head stopper. Life is past paced for the U9 Z1+ empowered with the Corning® Gorilla® glass panel. Thin, light and scratch resistant!
• 5″ IPS HD display with 1280 X 720 resolution
• 1.2 GHz quad core MediaTek MT6589 chipset processor
• PowerVR SGX544 GPU
• 16GB Internal Memory with expandable microSD
• 12MP back facing camera
• 5MP front facing camera
• 2,000 mAh
• Android 4.2
• 144.5 X 73 X 9.0 mm
• White colour
RM1,299 the phones? Then head on to buy it! Or make a wish for someone to gift it to you.

AND if you are a blogger! You might just be able to win the phone and some CASH too! Sounds really good right? Details below! So read it properly!!!
Now Ninetology is giving all bloggers a chance to win the Ninetology U9 phones. This Blogger’s Review Programme is very simple and fun too! Aptly named the Tech Kaiju Arena which is part of Ninetology's year long campaign to promote transparent blogging or ethical blogging. What bloggers will be doing is to review their choice of Ninetology mobile phones with their choice of competitor brands. You name the models and the folks at Ninetology will arrange for you to have the said loan units for you to review and blog.

There is no hard and fast rule as to how the comparison is going to be or how it should be. Bloggers are given a free rein so you can exercise all your creative juices to showcase your review of the the 2 phones. Good right? Its will be fun as it will certainly be beyond the usual spec by spec comparison (like buying a car kinda table or review)...

The “Tech Kaiju Arena” will commence on the 12th of August 2013 till the 31st of December, 2013 with different themes every thirty days.
How to join? The Process:
1. Register with Samuel Lee – email contact:
2. Be kind to Samuel and mail him the following details:
(i) Name
(ii) Blog URL
(iii)  Email
(iv)  Contact Number 
(v)  Models that you wish to loan i.e. 1x Ninetology Device + 1x Other Latest Mobile Brand  X available
3. Now sit and wait for a call from Ninetology to confirm the collection venue of the loan units which will  ONLY be within Klang Valley. Do keep in mind that you are only allowed to hold onto the loan units for a duration of a week and the usual works of signing the T&C of the loan agreement of the phones.
4. One week down the lane, you return the loan units and  submit your blogpost(s) URL to be fully eligible to participate in the contest.

And while I am at it, I might as well feed you more information on your Tech Kaiju Arena entry:
(1) Include the Ninetology banner which works as a link to a subscription form for Ninetology’s newsletter.
(2) Write-up of 200 to 250 words
(3) Min. of 3 photos and/or images
It will not be boring too as each month within the campaign period, Ninetology will be having different themes for blogging contents for the ‘Combined Review Blogpost’. Sorry I have no idea what the coming themes will be. Its meant to be a keep formulating whatever ideas that you have right this minute!
But the theme for  Quest 1 which ends on  11th September 2013:
"Using the theme emphasizing on the importance of ethical blogging and the purpose of the ‘Wall of Pledge’ and ‘Responsible Blogging’; blog along with the ‘Combined Product Review"

What's your reward?
Three bloggers who drove in the most subscription via their post and will be rewarded as follows:
Grand Prize: A Ninetology’s Latest Device and RM3000
1st Runner-Up: A Ninetology’s Latest Device and RM2000
2nd Runner-UP: A Ninetology’s Latest Device and RM1000

That's not all! There will be Rewards also in the form of Ninetology’s devices, vacations, movie tickets, other mobile brand’s devices and etc for the other participants.

To cream it up...we love to share goodies with our readers. So for the participants...your readers will be entitled to RM15,000 to RM20,000 worth of Ninetology E-Vouchers monthly just for the 1st 100 readers who subscribes to Ninetology's newsletter via the banner. 

Definitely a YAY YAY YAY (though I honestly wish that our fellow bloggers outside Klang Valley could also be part of the campaign by allowing them alternative pick up arrangements)....maybe someone in Ninetology heard my plea? Hehehe

Fellow bloggers...thanx for popping by my blog. And if you haven't signed your pledge to be a Responsible Blogger, then head on to the Wall of Pledge and make your pledge!

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