One Dress Size. One Stubborn Inch.

Skinny girls have skinny girls problems. And if you hear a skinny girl complain she has some surplus fat then...its often quite true. For me, the regular complain is the still visible cellulite and perhaps most often that ever lingering muffin top. And in case you're wondering, muffin top isn't a tasty muffin for you to eat! Its an irritating piece of flab / fat that sits above the waistline of your pants. Not sexy! So yeah...I do get my moments that I talk about it or even go online looking for a solution for it. And interestingly, I came across something called Liposonix.

Liposonix seems to be a popular procedure since its a mere one hour procedure and promises to take an inch off the waistline (generally we are talking about one dress size smaller) with one treatment. Its also a none invasive procedure - in other words no need to go under the knife. In fact, Liposonix was awarded the Best NonInvasive Slimming Treatment by Harper’s BAZAAR Spa Awards 2013.

The results is not instantaneous! Instead one can see the change in 8 to 12 weeks which is an indication of fat been processed. Often the 1-2 inches off per treatment is very much water loss rather than fat.

Like all procedures, Liposonix is certainly not  procedure for everyone. Its for those who worked exercised hard, eat right and yet they still have the one inch or so of stubborn lingering fat. Hmmmm...that dang 2.5" of fat hanging around...the irritating pinch test that even I fail miserably:( 

Sounds promising. So I reckon I will be reading up a little more before I share my findings. Beauty sites, beauty blogs, health I come! Meanwhile, some videos on Liposonix that are floating around the Internet.
The Launch in Singapore. I see skinny and slim it seems like I am not the only one with a lingering piece of fat hanging on to me.
A little snippit on Liposonix.

And in case you are impatient and curious about Liposonix, you can check out 

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