This And That 26 August 2013

Life is still running at full throttle. A little crazy and somedays I am left breathless. However that's how life should be. We seize it and live it to the max! A recap of somethings that I have been doing but did share out via the blog or Instagram.

Had some fun and not so fun moments with our ride Reckless. I supposed that's the whole works of owning a car?
Pimp our ride. Blinked her like she was in Tron for an event. 
Selfie taken during one of our weekend touge trips. 320km worth of trunk road drive. Uber fun...and I was obviously quite well BBQed at the end of the drive:P
Busted the clutch on a recent drive down to Reckless had to visit the doctor:(
We could have sat and be miserable by the highway but we chose to chill under a tree while we waited for the ambulance tow truck to arrive.
Saw this Hyundai Veloster during our drive home. I kinda like it though many friends think otherwise. What's your thoughts?

Met up with my bunch of pals whom I travelled to Chiang Mai. Had our coffee and what nots in Coffea Coffee in Bangsar. Lots of good laughter and of course playing around with our food and phone cameras. Hehehe. 
Allow me to introduce and pimp their blogs! Jason and Yoga were missing in action - Yoga's based in Australia now...and Jason abandoned us!
Nanny (still waiting for her to start her blog)
A not too memorable cake but we had fun using Anna's stadium lights to light it up for a photo:P

We welcomed baby Lucas into our family of Tamchiaks. A cutie pie that is certainly keeping his parents Jo and Oliver very busy with feeding and diapers. And I reckon when he starts crawling...there will be more fun:D

Found a new vending machine in some malls selling both hot and cold drinks. Lots of popular Japanese drinks too!

Had a reunion of sorts with my Borneo Jazz Festival pals. Epic fun with lots of bubblies. Responsible driving of course...
Evangeline was missing so we had her on the tablet and some of us tried to mimic her trademark look:P

Had my usual cravings to a large extent. And the last few months saw a frequent hunt for scones, char kueh teow and wantan mee. Drop me a line if you have a fave stall, cafe or recipe to recommend me for the 3 mentioned cravings! A bit of foodie trails too and a very fun one took me to Sandakan recently. Bear with me as I run through the photos. Posts should be up this weekend or next.
Very fattening but I still love them and crave them a wee to often according the hubster.
Bak Kut Teh with fish and prawns! Yummy...and only in Sandakan!
Saw a puffer fish at the market but didn't know who could prepare this fish for me to eat. LOL.
Not sure what happened but I was having McDonald's Bubur Ayam for 1 whole week for my supper. The strange must have started after a trip back to my hometown Kluang for a work assignment ( to read where the best coffee and toast in Malaysia comes from!).
Into my 13th consecutive week of having a fried egg with kembung fish for my lunch at least once a week from Central Steak House in my office building. Simple and tasty!

Marmite lovers...this is my precious haul duringa  random walk around in Bangsar. Tasted this Marmite Extra Old some time back. Was surprised to see this one very last bottle. Obviously had to buy it and am not slowly savouring it! Am hoping to find it soon as I am left with just a few more meals of it.

Watched the Barcelona FC vs Malaysia friendly match in Shah Alam Stadium. Some last minute arrangements and the match was moved from Bukit Jalil to Shah Alam. Not sure why but I have zero complains except for the traffic jam heading into Shah Alam. Bukit Jalil was the perfect spot as it has buses and the LRT servicing the area.
Anyhow, thanx Head & Shoulders for the pair of tickets! *Muaks*

Kiwi moments!!! No escape! It was 14 days of amazing goodness and fun with Zespri® kiwifruits. I came out with some of my Mad Scientist recipes and all but also picked up quite a bit of new recipes from fellow bloggers that I am checking out too.
Kiwifruits are yummy and goes a long way beyond eating them on its own. My recipes as follows:
Check out too fellow foodie bloggers who whipped out some pretty fancy recipes of their own:

Been running a lot more than I have previously been doing. Clocking averagely 40km a week with the major works being done on Saturday 11km and Sunday 24km. Why run? Its fun. Its liberating to finish a race. And when in good harm running more!
I don't just run and not admire my surroundings. A simple but pretty pink and white flowers by Mother Nature!
Ran my personal best for a half marathon 21km @ 2:14 during the recent New Balance Half Marathon on 18th August 2013. Think we all ran our best times with the super flat route.
Another medal to add into the display shelf.
Explored trail running too over the weekend and I am loving it! More challenging and lots more to see, hear and smell. Can't wait to head on for more trail runs to add some varying training to my usual tarmac runs.
Explored acupuncture recently to treat an old injury that resurfaced recently. Injury was a left over from my ATV crash some years back. Its extremely fun to be pricked and wired. Soothing when the current flows that I ended up sleeping through a few sessions. In fact the acupuncture treatments has assisted me to sleep better at night too.

Am having so much fun running that I am off to my next official run on 1st September 2013. Moving on to my full marathon in a week's time instead of December 2013 after clearance from my Sifus. Its the River Jungle Marathon...42.195 of good running. Am not targetting my personal best since its my very first full marathon. Its a challenge to myself to complete my run...and thankfully there is no cut off time in this particular run!
Yes...I will be a Full Marathon Virgin on 1st September 2013. Wish me luck!
The 42km route that starts from Ulu Langat.
Elevation of our route. Yes its lots of slopes and twisties. Certainly different from my usual experience of driving through this route. Now I will be going through them on my 2 legs. 

And as much as I enjoy running, there is 2 things that I don't like and/or worry. Firstly, the weight loss - I am now a walking 42kg on good days. And if I don't watch my food intake, sadly I am capable of hitting 40kg. Secondly, I couldn't help but note that many runners are looking way beyond their age. Naturally I will be a vain pot to an extend because I am a girl! 
Started taking some supplements for the skin. Yes yes yes...unless I start taking care then I may just look way beyond my age of 40! Having heard from a few fellow runners who look way younger than their actual age, I am checking out Imedeen Classic. 2 tablets a day to supply me the necessary nutrition to combat the free radicals and all that my skin is exposed too. Will certainly review the efficacy in a couple of months time:D
Weight loss meant that i lost quite a bit in front and behind. Yes..less boobs and less ass too! The hubster is not complaining but I hate the way clothes are hanging off my body! When I collected some products that I won from Talika recently, they approached me for the Talika Body Shaping Challenge. Think they must have seen that this skinny girl is losing whatever curves she has. And in my mind, since its not plastic surgery and merely topical application of products based on Ayurvedic formula there is  certainly so no harm taking up the offer for the #TalikaBodyShapingChallenge.

While eating, running and travelling has been fun, reality is I need to work too. And many times, have to put in extra hours and late nights to compensate for my 'fun' part of life. It gets crazy some days with datelines for material submission and production. And it seriously doe snot help that clients love making last minute decision - I am ranting but I have also come to accept that this is part and parcel of being in the Creative Industry. So to stay sane...
A soak in the bath tub! Love it with Epsom Salts or even a visit to the spa.
Take some time off and savour my cup of green tea packed with anti oxidants.
Indulge in being a child again. Bought this Hello Kitty ol skool paper lantern for the coming mooncake festival:D
Be my own goofy self jumping in the middle of nowhere
And spending some time with the loved ones doing something healthy. The hubster isn't keen to run, so its a walk for him and with him. Taking a weekend off from running and I will be joining the Kordel Charity Walk 2013 with the hubster. Its all about getting him to walk for healthier joints and of course for a healthier weight too! Come join us if you are free on Sunday 8th September 2013 at Padang Merbuk!

More pics in the album This And That 26 August 2013.  Do show some love too at my FB page Missyblurkit! Thanx folks!!!