Troopers Outing: Be A Cling Hero

One of my favourite moments would be time spent with the lil troopers. From mini trips to the waterfall, a picnic in our garden or even a fun outing to the mall. Yes there will be mall outings too but only if its an educational one rather than pure eat and shop. 

Being petrolheads, I think we have inevitably passed on our love for cars to these troopers. A love for cars isn't just about the car model. The love extends down to the care of a car's interior and exterior. The interior here of course refers to what hides under the bonnet - the very engine that drives or moves the car.

So one of our outings to Sunway Pyramid recently was to have an educational and fun afternoon with the new Castrol Magnatec ‘Be a Cling Hero’. Reckon some of you would have seen the ‘Engine Rodeo’ TV commercial. Otherwise here's the video.

Coincidentally, how many of you know that up to 75% of engine wear happens during engine warm up. You know the incidences that you just crank your engine and drive off? Unless you are using a good engine oil, chances are your car engine is not even properly lubricated when you drive off causing unnecessary friction in the engine. This isn't just for those of us driving high compression cars but also to regular daily rides.

This 'Be A Cling Hero' campaign may have looked and felt just like a fun set of games and good laughs. However what it really meant was a subtle lesson embedded to ensure kids learn and understand about engine care from a young age. Through a series of games, they earn the importance of ensuring a car is properly serviced and using good oils to ensure engine protection, coating the essential critical parts from the moment we start our car engine. Yes! Similar to how a rodeo cowboy clings on to his engine rodeo..and that's the way Castrol Magnatec will cling on to our car engines.

Here's some pics of our random fun outing:
6 fun games to play and learn
Learning about road safety - I think kids actually influence parents to drive better and properly after such events. After a fun session at the 'Instant Protection Family Zone', I am not surprised that even parents will will to respect zebra crossings and traffic lights. No doubt too that their kids will be reminding them too! 
Having some rodeo fun. Mostly I see the adults on the rodeo while the kiddo controls the rodeo. Even if one falls off, its onto a comfy cushioned area.
Rodeo fun on the iPad. Which you can also download it onto your iOS and Android devices for hours of fun (plus a chance to win some awesome prizes) - Check out or
Even 5 year old Hayley gets her share of fun
More fun beyond rodeo and this one I think is the spot the difference game that the kids fared way off better than this Aunty did.

There's another of the fun Castrol Magnatec 'Be a Cling Hero' roadshow happening on the weekend of 23rd to 25th August 2013 @ AEON Bukit Indah, Johor Bahru. Head on over for some fun and learn about engine protection, road safety and wins some prizes along the way!

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