Zespri Kiwifruits and Overnight Oats

Ugly but tasty is how the husbter and I describe Overnight Oats. A simple, versatile and easy to make ahead meal that actually works for me beyond breakfast. And since I am on Zespri®'s 14-day Daily Scoop of Amazing Challenge, I incorporated the kiwifruits into my overnight oats.

In case you're wondering, overnight oats means oats made overnight. Tasty and here's some reasons why I love making overnight oats:
• The hubster (who absolutely hates oats has taken to eating overnight oats with no protest whatsoever and I suspect its because its tastier)
• Easy and I can make them ahead of time. Averagely it takes me under 10 minutes to make and I actually make them for 2 days of brekkie.
• Because I make them in plastic containers, I can actually eat them out of the containers on the go. Where time permits, I add in whatsoever ingredients I fancy.
• This is one very filling and nutritious meal.

Here's 2 simple ones that I made the last few days:
Almond Milk Overnight Oats
Ingredients (serves 2 adults)
• 8 tablespoon of oats
• 100ml of almond milk (available at good organic shops).
• 2 Zespri® kiwifruits
• Blueberries
• Yogurt
• Chia seeds
• Carob powder

• Soak oats in almond milk in Mason Jar or plastic container overnight in the fridge.
• The next morning, scoop overnight oats into bowl or glass etc.
• Cube Zespri® kiwifruit.
• Layer in any sequence you desire.
This is overnight oats, 1 tablepoon of carob powder, Zespri® kiwifruit, 2 tablespoon of yogurt, Zespri® kiwifruit, 1 tablespoon of chia seeds, and15 blueberries each cup.

Zespri® Fruity Overnight Oats
Ingredients (serves 2 adults)
• 8 tablespoon of oats
• 2 Zespri® kiwifruits
• Blueberries (or whatever fruits you like)
• Almonds (or whatever nuts you like)
• 4 tablespoon of yogurt
• 1 tablespoon Rice Bran Syrup
• Additional Zespri® kiwifruit and honey if desire the next day.

• Cube Zespri® kiwifruit.
• Layer the ingredients. Then mix them all up.
• The next day, mix well again and you're ready to eat on the go. 
Every scoop is an amazingly creamy oats bursting with flavours of the kiwifruit, yogurt and honey Then you get a lovely bite from the slightly softened almonds too.

Alterntively, because I had some time in hand, I scooped them into a bowl and served them with more Zespri® kiwifruit and honey.
The beauty of overnight oats is that you can make it in anyway you like. Some days, I actually use the bottles of honey and peanut butter that I have. All I do is add the oats and liquid (milk, water, yogurt etc) into the bottle. The next day when I eat, I simply scrape the sides as I eat. Zero wastage!

The kiwifruit itself is a very nutritious and fibre rich superfood. Coupled with the versatile overnight oats, you cna have tonnes of fun with this easy breakfast or meal. Be creative and have fun playing with your ingredients. In fact, before this challenge started, I have actually had my overnight oats with bacon, Marmite and even just added juice into it.  Get more of my #ZespriMY moments:

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