Sandakan So Much Fun

Sneak peek to Sandakan. This is not a boring town in Sabah. A gem of its own with plenty to do, see eat and even shop! A quick 3 hours direct flight from Kuala Lumpur and an adventure awaits you.

For all the activities possible in Sandakan, its highly recommended that one stays at Four Points by Sheraton. This is the only International hotel in Sandakan and is located smack in the middle of town for easy convenience. Perfect hotel for business and even leisure.

And a glance of my short stay in Sandakan:
 Four Points by Sheraton @ Sandakan Harbour Square
• Tel: +60-89-244-888 

Four Points by Sheraton
A comfy bed to rest in after a day full of activities is always good. Yeah...travelled again with Yochana my orange dragon:D
View from my room window
View in the morning...
Coffee lovers must try this award winning Coconut Curry Latte from Wrapped.
My view during my coffee session at Wrapped @ Four Points by Sheraton.
Local traditional snack kuih cincin is a yummy must try. Slightly sweet and is a nice accompaniment with a cup of tea. THANX Sheraton Four Points for whipping this out for us.
Learning is always fun and this trip I learnt to make kuih ketapang:D
A perfect kuih ketapang...obviously not made by me but by the brilliant chefs at Four Points at Sheraton
The chefs at Four Points by Sheraton at their all day dining restaurant The Eatery served this refreshing and nutritious fresh seafood salad. A local delicacy and this dish is collagen rich...yes good for our skin!
Wild cucumber soup is an appetizing native Murut dish ay The Eatery.
Happy hours with live music at the Best Brew @ Four Points by Sheraton to end of day is quite a brilliant idea. 
The Central Market is a walking distance from Four Points by Sheraton. A must stop over. Wake up and be there at 5am if you want to catch the whole action of fisherman and farmers coming in with their trade. 
Getting up close and personal with a puffer fish.
Original Homemade Kueh Teow with Deep-fried Pork is a must try at the 3rd floor of the Central Market.
Sandakan is a must visit for nature and animal lovers. The trip was short but enough for us to say hello to orang utans and sun bears.
Mummy orang utan and her baby at the Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre
Sunbears at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre
Puu Jih Shih Buddhist Temple that has a beautiful view of Sandakan town.
Author Agnes Keith's house.
Tea and scones at the English Tea House while soaking in the view of Sandakan town.
19th century St Michael's and All Angels Church
St Michael's and All Angels Church's gorgeous stained glass features.
Bak Kut Teh with a difference...seafood bak kut teh @ Nam Chai Restaurant Bak Kut Teh
Springy noodles at Sim Sim Water Village
Old fashion borax free loh shee fun (mouse tail) noodles at Kedai Makan Kong Teck
Noodles made of fish at Kedai Makan Kong Teck
Afternoon tea in Sandakan can be a food coma session. I love these dumplings at Kim Fung market!
Sandakan is a seafood galore. Huge oysters at Sim Sim Water Village Restaurant.
Seafood is fresh so nothing is better than a simple and plain preparation like this steamed version at Ocean King Seafood Restaurant
Salt and Pepper Slipper Lobster is highly recommended at Ocean King Seafood Restaurant
Nothing beats a serving of steamed crabs with only a little wine and ginger. No need to camouflage them in an array of heavy tasting ingredients.
While fresh seafood is in abundance, dried ones are also good. This very memorable salted fish 'mui heong' at Sim Sim Water Village Restaurantw as so good that we had to bring some back to Kuala Lumpur.
Salted fish factory at Sim Sim Water Village. This is a netted facility which means zero flies!
Some call it UFO while others call it cow dung. Whatever the name, these delightful creamy egg custard snack from Bun Huck Bakery is a must have with a cup of tea.
These thin crusted egg tarts from Ngee Lee Bakery is certainly on the top of my list for the top 10 egg tarts in Malaysia. If in Sandakan, make sure you taste them!

3 shorts days in Sandakan...lots to do. This is the sneak peek only. Keep your eyes glued here for an episode of Sandakan for the next few Saturdays starting 5th October 2013.  THANX Four Points by Sheraton for making this trip possible!

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KLRW @ Tai Zi Heen

Tai Zi Heen @ Prince Hotel and Residence Kuala Lumpur participates in the coming Kuala Lumpur Restaurant Week 2013 (KLRW). Priced at RM38 nett for lunch and RM78 nett for dinner, its definitely a good buy.

For those who have not visited Tai Zi Heen for a few months, then do take advantage of the KLRW menu offerings as you're getting a good buy and also tasting some of the items from the new ala carte menu. Each menu is crafted almost in a 'for him' and 'for her' in mind. Light eaters (normally the fairer sex) would prefer soup and dim sum for lunch - Menu 2. Similarly for dinner, carbs free Menu 2 certainly looks familiarly girly:P
Menu 1
• Steamed Prawn Har Kaw, steamed prawn and chicken treasure 
purse and crispy yam puff filled with chicken and mushrooms
• Braised Hong Kong Ee-fu noodles with crab meat and yellow chives
• Chilled water chestnuts with sago and vanilla ice cream

Menu 2
• Sliced abalone with chicken and bamboo pith soup
• Tai Zi Heen Signature Dim Sum Platter  - Steamed purple spinach dumpling with Mexican clams, prawn and mushroom Siew Mai, Prawn Har Kaw, barbecued chicken yam puff, seaweed bean curd and tuna spring roll.
• Chilled herbal jelly served with honey

Menu 1
• King prawn salad with fresh tropical fruit cocktail and vanilla
• Wok-fried diced Australian beef tenderloin with black pepper and garlic Pak Choy
• X.O. Seafood fried rice
• Hot sweetened almond cream with sea olives in a young coconut

Menu 2
• Shredded chicken with jellyfish and spicy peanut sauce
• Chicken consommé with sun dried scallops and cordyceps
• Sautéed white prawns with oriental butter sauce and Hong Kong vegetables
• Purple rice puree with coconut ice cream

Here's some of the dishes that you can expect from Tai Zi Heen's KLRW menu. And if some look familiar, that's because you have either tasted them at Tai Zi Heen or read my reviews about Tai Zi Heen:D
Tai Zi Heen Signature Dim Sum Platter  (KLRW lunch menu) - Steamed purple spinach dumpling with Mexican clams, prawn and mushroom Siew Mai, Prawn Har Kaw, barbecued chicken yam puff, seaweed bean curd and tuna spring roll. Tasted these during the Dim Sum Dim All weekend dim sum ala carte buffet. Totally delish especially the steamed purple spinach dumpling with Mexican clams.
Sliced abalone with chicken and bamboo pith soup (KLRW lunch menu). Cant go wrong with a good bowl of soup. The chicken soup is slow boiled of ralmost 6 hours. The comforting goodness of a hot bowl of soup...bliss/
King prawn salad with fresh tropical fruit cocktail and vanilla (KLRW dinner menu) - light and refreshing. Quite filling thanx to the fibre rich fruits of melons.
Wok-fried diced Australian beef tenderloin with black pepper and garlic Pak Choy (KLRW dinner menu). Tender chunks of well marinated beef tenderloin. A lovely accompaniment to the XO fried rice which is also part of this dinner menu.
X.O. Seafood fried rice (KLRW dinner menu). Fluffy and a little spicy with enough wok hei. I don't eat rice much but I happily ate up the whole plate of wastage!
Chilled herbal jelly served with honey (KLRW lunch menu). One of my all time fave desserts from 
Tai Zi Heen. A nice blend of bitter and natural sweetness from the sea coconut. A neutralizing Chinese dessert that balance up the yin and yang in our bodies. Good for the skin too!
Hot sweetened almond cream with sea olives in a young coconut. Creamy and highly recommended if you love 'hangan cha' or Chinese almond tea. The almond cream is made from scratch by Chef Michael and his team.

Kuala Lumpur Restaurant Week is opened for booking. Make your reservations quick at  OR . Online reservations closes on 29th September 2013. Do also check out their Facebook page for more updated info!

Tai Zi Heen
Prince Hotel and Residence Kuala Lumpur
4 Jalan Conlay,
Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2170 8888

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SCKLM 2013 - Traffic, Route & Misc Updates

Some short updates to Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2013 (SCKLM 2103) that will be on Sunday 29th September 2013. Just days away and I am very sure the excitement is building up within each and every runner participating in this run. 

I am missing the run this year as I am off to Macau for the week. Nevertheless, I know my spirit will be with my fellow runners. In fact, I am very sure that I may well be running the route in my mind having taken a drive through the Full Marathon route today...

Full marathon
Half Marathon and Ekiden

Forty-eight roads in the capital will be closed in phases from 4:00am until 11:30am on Sunday 29 September 2013 to make way for SCKLM2013 runners. The Kuala Lumpur Traffic Police and Standard Chartered KL Marathon organisers highly recommend the public to use alternative routes or public transportation during these hours to access the city centre.

Jalan Parlimen, which is the main road in preparation for the Full Marathon and Half Marathon as well as the 10KM and 5KM categories, will be closed earlier starting from 1:00am onwards.

In making this year's run a better run, 300 traffic policemen and 100 Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) officers from enforcement department will be deployed to control the traffic. The road closure details are also available in the Standard Chartered KL Marathon’s official website. Please visit  for the latest updates.

Vehicles travelling from Kajang to the city centre may use:
• Jalan Loke Yew
• Jalan Kuching 
• Jalan Sultan Ismail. 
Vehicles from Seremban Highway may opt to travel through:
• Jalan Tun Razak
• Sungai Besi roundabout 
• Jalan Sultan Ismail. 
Vehicles from Setapak may access the city centre via:
• Jalan Tun Razak. 
Vehicles from Kepong will have an option to use
• Jalan Kuching 
• Jalan Sultan Ismail 

LRT services would begin at 3.00am on Sunday 29th September 2013. The nearest stop to the starting line is Masjid Jamek station which is merely 300m away. 

The Ampang line and the Kelana Jaya line will be operational from 3.00am and trains will run at every 15-minute interval. All LRT stations along these two lines will be open from 2.45am to allow time for passengers to purchase their tokens. The organisers recommend that all runners use the MyRapid cards to avoid long queues and facilitate easier access to the public transportation services. Please locate the station closest to your area and plan your journey ahead of time. To keep updated, please check regularly.

For those who have not collected your race pack, take note that you can collect it @ Ground Floor Lobby @ Pacific Regency Hotel Suites : 
• Thursday 26th and Friday 27th September 2013 between 11.00am and 8.00pm 
• Saturday 28th September 2013 between 10.00am and 5.00pm. 
# Do remember to bring along your confirmation slip and/or an authorisation letter if you are collecting on behalf of a fellow runner. More information on

• Eat and hydrate well. Do check out my sifu's notes "How to Run a 6 hours Marathon" that I relied upon to complete my very maiden full marathon @ River Jungle Marathon recently in a timing of 5:26. 
• Rest well.
• Pin your race bib and prepare your gear the day before.

There will be a total of 33,000 runners on the roads of KL on Race Day. So do be polite and kind to other runners. Do observe the following etiquette.
• Line up to start according to how fast or how slow you intend to run. Slower runners, please move towards the back of the race pack.
• If you drop something as the race starts, please do not stop and pick it up! Wait until almost everybody has crossed the starting then retrieve it.
• During your run, do move over to let other runners pass you. If you are an overtaking runner, please call out politely “overtaking on your right” OR "runner coming up"
• Please pay attention to your surroundings. While every effort has been taken to ensure that the route is secure, there may be errant motorists out there.
• STOP running if you feel unwell! Head in for medical aid.
• Please follow the instructions of the Course Officials.
• Please maintain the cleanliness of your surroundings at all times.
• Remember to have fun and smile for the camera! BTW...smiling makes you feel good and sends endorphins to your head...making the run a breeze. How do I know it? I have practiced this rule and found it an amazing tip!

• Rest well. Hydrate well.
• A slow recovery walk the next day will help ease your legs from the lactic buildup. Stretching helps too.
• Check out Runpix to retrace your marathon steps and discover cool statistics and comparisons by logging on to

For the latest updates:

Happy running folks!!!

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