Absolut Hibiscus Mixology Party...Yes I partied!

Post my River Jungle Marathon, I still have not started partying or having my bubbly moments. I needed to celebrate having done a full 42km (quite surreal till now), so almost a week down the lane, I actually celebrated. THANX to the Absolut folks, it was a night of Absolut Hibiscus as I partied away at Luna Bar.

The celebration was also highly due having missed the Absolut Hibiscus Merdeka celebrations at Poppy on 30th August.  Obviously I was out to let my hair down, so pics were not from me but here's a glimpse of the night that I had so much fun catching up with pals like Charmaine, Suanie and Damien.
No party is complete unless we have good music!
Lots and lots of Absolut Hibiscus!
An awesome ambience. The pool was very inviting but I was not in my no pool for me!
Yours Truly certainly isn't in bikini...
Nope I was not woozy as I had the Shape Night Run on Saturday night (which I went on to run my personal best for 12km...ahem ahem). This is something that my pal Mango took of me. 
So yes...more Absolut Hibiscus for the night. A lovely flowery and fruity pomegranate makes this a very refreshing cocktail mix. Drink responsibily folks and always remember to hydrate when you are boozing!

Absolut Hibiscus hits Penang tomorrow Friday 13 September 2013 at Mois, Penang. Party starts at be there to party away with Goldfish and Blink! And if you see drop by to say hello!

Checkout the full set of pictures at Absolut's Facebook Page 'Absolut Hibiscus @ Luna Bar'. Do show some love at my Facebook page Missyblurkit too! Muaks!