Cream-O Cookie Mug For Milk

Cookie mug for milk! Sounds cool! Sounds totally tasty! And that's what Cream-O and the folks at Grey Malaysia and Geometry Global came out with. A delicious cookie mug that makes your milk taste even better. This mug is certainly a delicious way to convince kids to drink more milk. I must confess that as much as milk is good for kids, not many fancy the taste of milk and I am one of those kids who hated milk...maybe that explains my current height?

I meant to keep the Cream-O Cookie Mug for milk for my breakfast tomorrow. But I couldn't wait. The idea of a cookie mug with dark chocolate was totally irresistible. And I need the extra protein anyway:D 

Unboxed my cookie mug. The tecture of the organic cookie is a wee like digestive biscuits but tastier. Its rich and seriously quite good to be eaten on its own. But because it is a cookie mug, its only right that I eat it with my milk.
Firm cookie mug with dark chocolate. Smells so good!!! You smelt it too right?
2 glasses of milk into my Cream-O cookie mug. I love it with cold milk! Even with the cold milk, the taste of chocolate has crept into the milk. Its a lil like having chocolate milk:D I can imagine if its with warm milk, then the chocolate flavour would certainly be more evident.
Its 2 glasses of milk because that is basically the recommended amount for growing kids (and adults).
Gulp...gulp. Like my milk moustache?
And its time to eat the cookie mug!
Cookie monster Joyce could not resist the cookie mug and I shared it with her:D I have a feeling that when this product hits the market, Joyce will be buying it for herself and her kiddo!

A brilliant way to make it easier to coax kids to consume more milk. Had this product existed during my time, I am certain that I would have grown up taller than my current height. In fact, I think the Cream-O Cookie Mug for Milk isn;t just a brilliant idea to encourage kids to drink more milk. 

Even for adults, I think its brilliant. Adults can't escape the fact that milk is also nutritious for us. As a runner, I know that the protein in milk is essential for our muscles to recover from a workout. And as a woman, calcium is necessary to keep our bones strong. And with Cream-O Cookie Mug for Milk, its just going to make milk very palatable even for those who hate milk.

Cream-O Cookie Mug for Milk is now only available as a limited edition while the company tests the market. Certainly looking forward to see this being marketed in the market real soon. Its such a tasty way to eat right and eat healthily. THANX G2PR for sending the yummy Cookie Mugs over:D

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