Dim Sum & Mooncake @ Tai Zi Heen

Dim sum for lunch and mooncakes for dessert @ Tai Zi Heen. Perfect meal because dim sums are filling but never to an extend to reduce me to a sleepy head at my work desk. Dim sums too are are perfect when catching up with lovely pals over lunch. And mooncake...its the mooncake season so having them for dessert (or a meal per se) is an absolutely awesome idea.

Its amazing how dim sums have evolved over time.  A little fusion if one may say yet retaining the delicious familiarity of the good old fashion ones. 
Prawn dumpling with crab meat and dried scallop (New).
Lavish and a definite hit with seafood lovers with each bite bearing the natural sweetness of seafood.
Purple spinach dumplings topped with Mexican clam.
Another favourite for my dining companions. I love the sweetness and texture of the mexican clam.
Crystal vegetable and mushroom dumpling (New).
Vegetarian and totally delicious with a delicate translucent crystal skin and tasty vegetables including mushrooms and carrots.
Crystal yam dumplings with chicken and mushroom.
Shaped like a plump rose. Each bite reveals an earthly creaminess of the yam with a delightful bite from the chicken and mushroom.
Shanghai dumplings with crab meat and broth.
Love Shanghai or Xiao Long Bao? The savour this soup bowl size dumpling that feel likes having a hearty bowl of soup with the sweetness of crab meat. Good on its own or if you like, savour it with some ginger and vinegar.

While I generally love steamed dim sums over fried dim sums, I must say that the fried dim sum at Tai Zi Heen gave me a plesant surprise. They were tasty...tasty enough that I know I will return for more.
Pan fried crispy bean curd with prawn and cheese.
Crispy on the onside and totally comforting inside with a thick slice of cheddar cheese and a thicker slice of beancurd and prawn.
Crispy salmon and cheese roulade (New).
Must say I am smitten by the idea of goey cheese with salmon. Comforting! Satisfying! Wouldn't mind this is roulade in a steamed version if its possible:D
Yum Puffs filled with beef bacon and chives (New)
Beef patties with leeks, mayo and teriyaki sauce (New).
This Japanese inspired dish does remind me of a Japanese hambagu. Tasty and juicy bite of beefy goodness!

Desserts follow after a satisfying meal of dim sums. Its mooncake time so its of course mooncakes time. 2 platters of prettily arranged mooncakes are placed on our tables. To eat or to take pics? We are food its only naturally we #takepicha. 
Traditional baked mooncakes. Note the thin skin that wraps the filling. Its delicate work to get that right!
Snowskin mooncakes. Best eaten cold!
浪琴酒萄干月饼 Baked five variety of nuts, rum and raisin.
Different from the usual works and I must say its the most memorable mooncake that I have had in the last few year. Crunchy assortment of nuts with rum and raisin! Mind you, its really raisins soaked in rum. A nice touch from the usual chicken ham that is used in pork free variant of the nutty mooncake.
單黄白莲蓉月饼 Baked white lotus paste and single egg yolk.
Can't go wrong with egg yolks. Will be a nicer touch with double egg yolks though:P
金翡翠莲蓉月饼 Baked pandan paste with melon seeds.
香甜紅豆沙月饼 Baked with red bean paste.
Simple but tasty!
低糖白莲蓉月饼 Baked low-sugar white lotus paste with sunflower seeds.
Perfect for none sweet tooth folks like me. 
頂級榴槤蓉月饼 Baked premium durian lotus paste.
Something different from the usual snowskin durian mooncakes! Looked innocent but the moment I bit into it, its definitely durian mooncake. Made with D24 durians, its a satisfying one if you love durians. 
冰皮迷你巧克力威士忌月饼 Mini snow skin chocolate and whisky
Highly recommended for chocolate and whisky lovers. Dark chocolate with walnuts and scotch whisky. Totally interesting. Totally delicious.
迷你冰皮百香芝士饼 Mini snow skin with passion fruit cheese cake
Creamy and cheesy with a refreshing zing from passion fruit. Quite a crowd favourite!
迷你冰皮紅豆沙月饼 Mini snow skin with red bean paste
迷你冰皮翡翠莲綠豆沙 Mini snow skin with pandan lotus paste and mung bean paste
Looks like egg yolk but its not!

Dim sums are available for lunch daily! And over the weekends and public holidays, do check out the Dim Sum Eat All You Can for RM45++ per person from 11:30a.m. to 2:30p.m.

Mooncakes are available for sale till 19th September. Purchase them fro Tai Zi Heen or even the mooncakes stall at the lobby of the hotel.

Tai Zi Heen
Prince Hotel and Residence Kuala Lumpur
4 Jalan Conlay,
Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2170 8888

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