Grown Up 2

Grown Up 2 hits our local cinemas. A wait of 2 years and its still a good laugh. The cast from Grown Up (2010) returns with some new additions (some adorable ones too). 
Directed by:      Dennis Dugan
Written by:        Fred Wolf, Adam Sandler and Tim Herlihy
Produced by:    Adam Sandler and Jack Giarraputo
Executive Producers:  Barry Bernardi and Allen Covert
Cast:        Adam Sandler
                   Kevin James
                   Chris Rock
                   David Spade
                   Salma Hayek
                   Maya Rudolph
                   Maria Bello
                   Nick Swardson
                   Shaquille O’Neal

Lenny (Adam Sandler) relocates his family back to the small town where he and his friends grew up. Grown Up 2 is a movie of friends and their children, bullies, a sexy ballet teacher, teenage love and last day of school. Once a Hollywood big-shot, Lenny wants his kids to grow up in a normal place, rather than the craziness of Hollywood. Salma Hayek reprises her role as Lenny’s wife, Roxanne.  This very fashion-conscious woman leaves LA for the small-town, east-coast life and truly is like a fish out of water in the quaint little town.

The movie starts on the last day of school for the kids while Lenny and his pals relive their young days in different sets. Expect lots of laughter from these old boys. Romance is everywhere, between the adults and even their kids. The old boys also are still lil boys at heart as they ogle over a ballet school teacher, dare each other to prank and stunts. We laugh it off seeing the old boys try to burp, sneeze and fart in sequence. Grotesque but definitely worth a good laugh. 
The whole movie is light hearted. One laughs it off but its not memorable. Perhaps Adam Sandler should not have considered a sequel. Nothing against Adam Sandler as I always loved his movies and definitely included Grown Up 2 as my must watch for this year as soon as I knew that Grown Up 2 was screening in 2013. But it somehow seemed like making movies is cheap and everyone is rushing to make a summer movie.

BTW, when you watch the movie, see if you can identify the following 80's characters!
Some of the 80s celebrities in the party scene include:
• Adam Sandler as Bruce Springsteen
• Kevin James as Meat Loaf
• Chris Rock as Prince
• Alexander Ludwig and David Spade as Hall and Oates
• Maria Bello as Madonna
• Maya Rudolph as Tina Turner
• Nick Swardson as Boy George
• Oliver Hudson as Indiana Jones
• Shaquille O’Neal and Peter Dante as Miami Vice
• Kevin Grady as Magnum PI
• Dan Patrick as Larry Bird
• Steve Buscemi as Flavor Flav

OK...if at all memorable, I love the opening scene of the deer that enters their house and the final fight scene. Worth a watch if you need a good clean laugh.

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