Kordel Charity Walk 2013

Irregardless of age and size, everyone should exercise. Walking is one of the easiest to pick up. The benefits of walking is plenty and most notable one is weight loss and prevention of arthritis. Took a break from running last Sunday and opted to be part of Kordel's Charity Walk 2013 as the hubster and I joined over 1,100 to walk on a mission to raise awareness and funds for the Arthritis Foundation Malaysia (AFM). 

It was a brilliant not too sunny, a little cloudy and cool Sunday morning as we took a 7km walk from Padang Merbuk to Bukit Tunku and back to Padang Merbuk. This annual event raised Rm33,000 for the Arthritis Foundation fully obtained from participants’ entry fees and the sales of Kordel’s charity packs. The money goes towards supporting the AFM in its continuous efforts to improve the living quality of people with arthritis, particularly in helping underprivileged arthritis patients undergo joint replacement surgery.

Here's some pics from the fun Sunday morning walk for a good cause. Start walking if you have not started doing so. And for more information:
• Kordel’s
• Arthritis Foundation Malaysia (AFM)

7:15 am and we have a crowd of old and young all eager to start walking. Its a fun prizes whatsoever. Just walking for a good cause and a healthier life.

Sea of red
2 very adorable kids and mummy walking.
Uncle walks his own pace.
Walking and dress up for a fun outing.
That's me:D
Its always good to walk!
Brisk walking
Walking instead of running is sometimes a nice change especially when it is for a good cause.
Walking as a family activity!
A slow walk also feels good!
Walking is good for health!
Walking is also a fun and healthy way for a date with your beloved.
Good morning!!!
A very well organised water station in 3 tiers which is efficient as a new tier is unveiled when all the cups on the top tier is finished. No wastage or delay in hydrating the participants. This is something I appreciate as a runner too. Bravo Kordel's and your event organiser!
The hubster and his walking buddy during Kordel's Charity Walk.
In case you are wondering, yes the boy has lost weight. A nice 10kg progressively over 9 months by watching his diet to an extend and exercising with walking being his preference as its easier on his joints too since he was hitting 90kg on his heaviest!
Kids are young but this amazing couple brought them out on a stroller. 7km worth of walking and bonding!
The 2 lil kids in the oversized shirts completed 7kg with walkies and a little bit of carrying. Good job kids and brownie points to this couple for starting the kids on a healthy lifestyle.

So get walking if you have been just sitting down quietly. Walking is so simple and you can do it anywhere! THANX for reading this post. Full set of pictures from Kordel's Charity Walk 2013 in available on my Facebook page Missyblurkit.