La Risata

Love my meals with good company. And a place like La Risata which means 'the laughter', I was certainly treated to a concoction of laughter, Italian noms, caffeine and wine making lunch a brilliant perk me up...something I needed very much this week!

Opted for La Risata @ Medan Damansara. Parking was relatively easy for us despite the number of cars that parked like they owned the street (blaming parents who were picking up their precious kids from the nearby kids enrichment centres). All you need to do is WISH for a parking lot and will appear:D

Lunch was from La Risata's special Lunch and Dinner menu that is part of Kuala Lumpur Restaurant Week (KLRW). The menu is as follows:
• Gnocchi Di Semolina Alla Romano
Roman semolina gnocchi with smoked duck, tomato, parmesan cheese 
& rocket salad

• Lasagna Di Carne
Freshly baked layered pasta filled with mozzarella & a creamy minced 
beef & tomato sauce
Pappardelle Al Ragu D’Agnello (only available at their Ampang outlet)
Freshly made pasta ribbons with lamb ragu
Pollo Facito
Deep-fried bread crumbed chicken breast stuffed with ricotta & spinach
Pizza Frutti Di Mare
Mixed Seafood, garlic, basil, tomato & mozzarella

• Panna Cotta
Smooth cream pudding with strawberry sauce

• Antipasti Misti
A selection of carppaccio di manzo, frittura di calamari, funghi alla 
griglia & pate di fegatini con crostini

• Spaghetti Alla Risata
Mixed seafood in a hearty tomato sauce & baked in foil
Salmone Alla Griglia Con Pesto
Pan-grilled salmon fillet with a pesto sauce served with a vegetable 
Stinco D’Agnello
Wood fired oven braised lamb shank in a rosemary sauce on a bed of 
mashed potato
Petto Di Manzo Con Vino Rosso
Wood fired oven roasted beef ribs in a reduction of red wine sauce on a 
bed of mashed potato

• Cannoli
Sicilian fried pastry shell filled with a sweet ricotta cream dipped in 
chocolate & pistachio bits

Service is prompt and friendly at La Risata. I was seated quickly and while waiting for the rest to arrive, my glass of water arrived with some breads and amazingly good olive tapenade. 
Simple and addictive...I know this will be one of the reasons I am returning to La Risata very soon.
Antipasti Misti (KLRW dinner menu)
A selection of carpaccio di manzo, frittura di calamari, funghi alla griglia & pate di fegatini con crostini.
Beef carpaccio with garlic and grated parmesan shavings. I can make a good meal out of this only.
Grilled mushrooms
Extra points for this perfectly fried calamari rings. Tender inside and crispy outside. 
Garlic crostini to go with the chicken liver pate though my happy boy was just eating it on its own because "its so gooooood"
Rich and smooth chicken liver pate. Nothing was wasted...I finished the last bit with my pizzas:D
Pollo Facito (KLRW lunch menu)
Deep-fried bread crumbed chicken breast stuffed with ricotta & spinach. I am not a chicken breast person but this is highly recommended. Nothing over powering yet the clever mix of ricotta and spinach added flavour and texture to the chicken breast. Lightly battered and fried just right. 
Spaghetti Alla Risata (KLRW dinner menu)
Mixed seafood in a hearty tomato sauce & baked in foil is totally comforting.
Petto Di Manzo Con Vino Rosso (KLRW dinner menu)
Wood fired oven braised lamb shank in a rosemary sauce on a bed of mashed potato. Comforting and hearty meal after a day of hard work. Love the mashed potato and the sauce...a good meal to prep me for my weekend runs!
Pizza Frutti Di Mare (KLRW lunch menu)
This crust pizza topped with mixed Seafood, garlic, basil, tomato & mozzarella. 
Panna Cotta
Smooth cream pudding with strawberry sauce. Easily one of the better panna cottas in town.

Drinks are generally not included in most of the KLRW menu so we checked out the menu for the drinks and some other items as well.
Pizza Vegetali RM27
Grilled eggplant, roasted cherry tomato, pinenut, pesto, ricotta cheese, tomato & mozzarella. 
Zucotto RM18
Liqueur dome cake filled with chocolate & vanilla cream with almond, hazelnut & chocolate bits is such a satisfying dessert. Love the contrasting textures and vivid flavours with every bite.
Wines are available by the bottle and glasses.
Caffe Risata RM25
We need our caffeine fix and this coffee with liquer is perfect! Frangelico, Amaretto di saronno, Bailey's irish cream & cream sprinkled with cocoa powder. 
KLRW menu in La Risata excludes drinks.

Kuala Lumpur Restaurant Week is opened for online booking (no walk ins!). Check out to make your reservations before 29th September. Do also check out their Facebook page for more updated info!

If you love La Risata's offering, here's the shortcut:

La Risata:
• Ampang 
16 Persiaran Ampang,
55000 Kuala Lumpur.
T: +603 4252 6269 
• Medan Damansara
128 Jalan Kasah,
Medan Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur.
T: +603 2095 9572

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