Mooncakes @ InterContinental Kuala Lumpur

Time for lanterns, mooncakes and a round bright moon!!! This season begins with me learning how yummy mooncakes are made at InterContinental Kuala Lumpur. I also learn that a friend KY is actually very good at making mooncakes too!

But I rather save the hassle of making mooncakes and head on to buy instead. With a long list available, buying means I can have a variety of mooncakes! The full offerings by InterContinental Kuala Lumpur this year:
Traditional Baked:
• White lotus paste with single egg yolk
• White lotus paste with double egg yolk 
• Pure white lotus paste with nuts
• Pandan paste with egg custard and walnuts
• Bamboo charcoal paste with pumpkin seeds
• Assorted nuts paste with chicken ham (my all time favourite!!!)
Snow skin:
• Mini white chocolate snow skin with dark chocolate paste and rice crunch
• Mini duo roseberry snow skin with spirulina paste and gummy candy
• Mini peanut butter snow skin with dark chocolate paste and mixed nuts
• Mini tiramisu paste with dried mix fruits and raisins
• Mini green tea paste with single egg yolk
• Mini durian meat with oats
• Mini almond milk cream with bird’s nest 

We kicked off the afternoon by with a mooncake making demonstration by Executive Chef Wong Lian You and Dim Sum Chef Lo Tian Sion. Each mooncake is made by hand and one has to be patient. No rushing through the forming or baking! And if you are keen on the making it on your own (good luck:P), here's the recipe:
15 pieces of Mini Green Tea Paste with Single Egg Yolk mooncake
Ingredients for skin:
• 600g Icing sugar 
• 300g cooked glutinous rice flour 
• 100g shortening
• 10g green tea powder 
•  450ml water

Ingredients for filling:
• 700g Green tea paste with sunflower seed – 700 gram
• 8 Salted egg yolk (cooked) – 8 nos

• Put all ingredients for the skin in the mixing bowl and mix well manually. Let mixture rest for 10 minutes.
• Divide green tea paste into 15 portions and roll into a ball. Make a depression in the centre and wrap an egg yolk. Set aside.
• Spread some glutinous rice flour on a table.
•  Roll out skin ingredients into a strip. Cut into 15 portions. Roll out and wrap the fillings.
• Spread some glutinous rice flour in a mooncake mould. Fill in with filling ingredients and press firmly. Knock it out from the mould and the mooncake will fall out nicely:D

 I mentioned that KY is actually good at making's the evidence:
Not sure why he made that face:P
Wrapping in the fillings
Fitting into the hard!
Ready to knock it out. 
Well done...its out!
KY is a mooncake chef!
And he also doubles up as a model to showcase the pretty mooncake packaging too. 

And this season, one can opt to purchase the mooncakes to savour at home, to be given as gifts or even be enjoyed as part of an afternoon tea at InterContinental Kuala Lumpur. 
The 7 star premium collection is priced at RM288 - 6 small and one giant mooncake.
Giant mooncake is the size of my palm!
The executive mooncake boxes in beige or red @ RM68 each.
Petite and colourful snowskins

The Afternoon Tea Set is served at OneSixFive. Priced at RM128++ per stand for 2 persons, enjoy the delightful mooncakes and tea by TEALEAVES. Choose your choice of tea, then sit back and savour the mooncakes and tea. 
Afternoon tea tray with delightful baked and snowskin mooncakes.
Choose your tea
Let the tea steep a while then pour it into your cup...
Haze totally loving her afternoon tea.
 Pandan paste with egg custard and walnuts
My all time fave is the assorted nuts paste with chicken ham
The all time popular snowskin mooncake with durian meat with oats
My favourite snowskin is this snowskin mooncake with almond milk cream with bird’s nest 

Its mooncake season and its once in a year. So go ahead, treat yourself and loved ones to the variety of flavours that Chef Wong and Chef Lo created for this year! Its amazing creativity with something for everyone including one with gummy bears:D Each mooncake is priced between RM17 to RM25 with the most lavished almond milk cream with bird's nest at RM33. These mooncakes are available until 19th September 2013.

InterContinental Hotel Kuala Lumpur
165 Jalan Ampang
Kuala Lumpur 
T:  +603 2782 6128

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